Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ana_Mations Lucky Present

These are pretty limited prizes since the sim is going away on the 30th or so, so might wanna try to watch these soon if you're interested. The chair changes every 30 mins and has no wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

Friday, December 25, 2009

TFC Aikane Lani Lucky Boards

Cute new lucky boards at TFC Aikane Lani for adorable cakes. They change every 10 mins and have wildcards. Goodluck for noms! ^^

Triad Town Gachapon

Really cute complete outfit gachapon at Triad Town there's seperate ones for guy and girl and the sets are trans the outfit sets come with hair, coat, pants/skirt, bag, headphones, and accessories in each box. L$120 a turn. ^^

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MJ+DADA Limited Lucky Board

MJ+DADA plus the whole Remo Mall area are having lots of limited time lucky boards. Thought I'd point this one out and maybe a couple others as I wander. Changes every 10 mins and 2 different female skins to win. ^^

Little Heaven Item Camps

5 mins a piece for each new hairstyle item camp in the hair section at Little Heaven. Tons of past goodies and chairs available too. ^^

Monday, December 21, 2009

25L Winter Outfits @ Blue Blood

Ok... not a freebie but a cheapie that certainly made me think of teh crew. While doing the Blue Blood Hunt ( 1L outfit in variety of colors out until the end of the week) I stumbled across their cute winter outfits. They are available in a variety of colors and have a cute little kitty detail on the sweater for only 25L each. ^.^ Look for the small tree upstairs, they are hanging from it.

MNK group gift

Hello pretty kitties ^.^ I know it's been a while I apologize, but hopefully the absolute cuteness of this dress will make up for my blogging absence hehe. MNK has a super cute new group gift dress available. Join the group by hitting the billboard nearby and touch the gift sign to get your dress ^.^

Worn in Picture:
Hair - Shag ( subscribo freebie)
Eyes - Eponym (1L hit the 12 days of xmas sign)
Skin - Curio ( group gift)
Dress - MNK ( group gift)
Ears - Aitui

Friday, December 18, 2009

Heaven's Shape Lucky Boards

New lucky boards at Heaven's Shape, these are all around the shop and area so goodluck. ^^

Newness at BINA

70 more minutes on the camp for this item then I can search for 12 special boxes at the new BINA store (SLurl), a favorite store for role players. A complete remodel has taken place, new items are in the "dance" camps, Lucky Chairs (only two that I've seen so far, not the usual four) are refilled, and the Midnight Mania, plus other new things await. Head on down!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Splash Aquatics Treasure Hunt

Kaikou Splash of Splash Aquatics (SLurl) has updated his shop's treasure hunt, hiding the ten gold coins in new places and changing the prize (see pic). It's a L$300 Swimming Ocean Sunfish that can freely roam in Second Life water (reacting to people near it) or it will swim on an owner-set path. Don't forget to click the "Freebies" sign when you first land.

Elderglen Freebies from the Lab

Without going into details about The Lab's plans for new communities aimed at premium accounts (Web), let me tell you about the freebies I found in one of them: Elderglen (SLurl). This pic shows my pixy alt hammering away to make a horseshoe, one of a couple items you can get FREE just for using the animated activity. Alternately, you might be given a sword when you stand up. Elsewhere in the telehub Welcome Area, head to the Apothecary to grab a Fairy Collection Jar. Wear it and wander around outside to chase fairies. When you get one, a cute anim plays, a fairy appears in the jar, and you are given a pair of wings. Several styles are available, at least seven by my count. All around the sim inside the various buildings you can grab other freebies like spellbooks, staffs, musical instruments, crystals, bowls, candles, various foods, and more. Exploring is a lot of fun, even the outhouses.

Creative Insanity Limited Freeb

Thankies to my friends Sandri and Ruy for sharing another fun creation with the grid, this is a sick AO and is pretty funny. XD It's out for a limited time so make sure to go check it out. ^^

Japan Island Lucky Board

New lucky board at Japan Island for a very nice Christmas themed boat. Other goodies available nearby too. Board changes every 5 mins, goodluck. ^^

December Lucky Board

Yay new noms from December! I can't tell ya how much I heart this store sometimes. XD They still have their xmas lucky board up for the roses if you missed it in the previous posts. But now they have a new mikan (it's a type of orange) branch to carry or for your mouth. It changes every 15 mins. ^^

Apple Pop Xmas Quest

I love these little japanese quest/hunts that go on sometimes. Remember that all the info on the notecard and HUD are japanese. I suggest a translator if you don't know any but usually it's easily figured out. First obtain the HUD, you will need to wear it the whole time.

Once you get it you will have story show as you go, talk to the first grey 'elf' (the japanese have a different name for these mystical creatures and a different history I could explain but for this lets just go with the term elf XD). Then you head to the front of the house and will need to click the other elves to find out what presents they would like.

This adventure requires a lot of clicking around, solving puzzles, etc. I highly suggest asking a friend to go along with you. There are multiple prizes as shown below and they're on display at the hunting grounds but there are some not shown too.

Here are a couple locations, if you're a member of the LKC group feel free to ask in chat and I will try to help since I've completed it myself. Goodluck. ^^

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heart Cat Mall Hunt

Heart Cat Mall is now having a hunt with prizes donated from the various vendors in the mall, you can find more info from the poster there and you'll be hunting out candy canes. (I think I found about 18 myself). The prizes vary and should be fun, remember they can be big or small candy canes. Goodluck. ^^

Lantern Evolution Group MM & Goodies

Head to Lantern Evolution and join their group, group inviter nearby, and with title active you can get the following goodies.

Also this absolutely adorable little monkey santa friend in their group MM as well, fills up fast though!

Monday, December 14, 2009

M*Motion Lucky Board

New x-mas lucky board from M*Motion, adorable and big set. Changes every 5 mins and has wildcards. Goodluck. ^^

*pop feel* Item Camp

New item camps available at *pop feel*'s kimono shop. They're 30 mins each and also tons of past goodies available too. ^^

Friday, December 11, 2009

English Element Lucky Board

Lucky board from English Element available here for a nice gray argyle sweater dress.

Visual Haiku Lucky Board

In case you missed this fun treat and shirt from Visual Haiku during the Bake Sale, you can still get it from the lucky board here. ^^

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blue Blood Lucky Boards

In case you may have been late to hear about these adorable dresses from Blue Blood in their lucky boards, ya know now. XD You can win each color in a seperate lucky board which changes at different times but has wildcards too. Goodluck. ^^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Katat0nik Lucky Chair

The lucky chair is back at Katat0nik with some lovely dresses. Changes every 20 mins and has wildcards too. Goodluck. ^^

Belle Rose Lucky Boards

Belle Rose is a lovely little mall type area with a variety of goodes, and a variety of lucky boards. All of them have wildcards but unfortunately a lot will change to a variety of numbers as well as letters. The times vary per items but have fun exploring. Here are a couple I liked myself. ^^

Honey Kitty Group Hunt & Gachapon

Honey Kitty's group (there's an inviter by the store entrance if you're interested) is having a hunt. You need to have the title active to play, but there's 5 clickable stars hidden in the store. Collect them all to put together this adorable outfit. ^^

Also if you're interested in gachapon, there are tons to be found for either socks, double hair ribbons, or a big hair ribbon. Don't forget to check out their cute stuff, lucky boards, and freebs too.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kami-Hitoe Cheapies & Lucky Board

Cute dress with single pose as well as xmas boots for sale for L$10 each.

Also a cute lucky board too. ^^