Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Apple Pop Xmas Quest

I love these little japanese quest/hunts that go on sometimes. Remember that all the info on the notecard and HUD are japanese. I suggest a translator if you don't know any but usually it's easily figured out. First obtain the HUD, you will need to wear it the whole time.

Once you get it you will have story show as you go, talk to the first grey 'elf' (the japanese have a different name for these mystical creatures and a different history I could explain but for this lets just go with the term elf XD). Then you head to the front of the house and will need to click the other elves to find out what presents they would like.

This adventure requires a lot of clicking around, solving puzzles, etc. I highly suggest asking a friend to go along with you. There are multiple prizes as shown below and they're on display at the hunting grounds but there are some not shown too.

Here are a couple locations, if you're a member of the LKC group feel free to ask in chat and I will try to help since I've completed it myself. Goodluck. ^^