Saturday, January 31, 2009

Little Heaven Limited Item Camp

So you may wonder...why is Sereni just hanging around? NOT doing posts for awhile...

Well 1. Sereni's been doing lots of B@R work (if you want more info on that I will be blogging it on my nest in a bit) and now 2. Because Little Heaven just put up a limited edition item camp! It ends on Valentines Day and the camp time is 214 minutes! But lookit the prize...

Totally HAWT female valentines piratey outfit! Eeeee! So try to shake yer tails down here and nab a spot, many will be filled but probably a lot of crashing. x_x So goodluck all!

Click Here to Teleport to Little Heaven's Item Camp

Kitties waiting for chairs...

I figured i'd post this... cuz it's cute :P

I know a lot of you guys get tired while waiting for chairs to call your letter

but just because someone took your chair that you've been waiting for long time, doesn't mean you have to attack'em


Friday, January 30, 2009

Sanu's Collars, Jewelry, and More 7Seas Customs

So once again after the blast of posts I did yesterday...I'm chilling down and catching up on my 7Seas Customs. I still have so many places to hit up but thought I'd blog one of the lil lesser know places. ^^

Sanu's Collars, Jewelry, and More has a theme with it's customs which are Sushi Ice Cream! 6 in all to catch, some are normal and some are decorated. This is a close up in on their Tasty Tuna decorated version. The detail on these fishies and this ice cream alone are awesome!

So come visit the pond and come fishin with some of the crew, remember we're always welcome to cool places to fish, trading, and updates too. ^^

Sanu's is one of my fave shops for it's adorable items and good prices. Plus their group just is constantly tossing out gifts, a must go!

Click here to teleport to Sanu's Collars, Jewelry, and More Fishing Pond!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ringtail Avie from Curious, Inc.

Serenity made me do it. She made me break out my storage alt to do this review. All my groups were full so I used (Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent) to join Curious, Inc. to get this Beta copy of a new Ringtail Lemur (Web) avatar. I should say "really nice Ringtail Lemur avatar" because it is very, very good. It may be a Beta release, but so far I find nothing wrong with the texturing (absolutely fabulous, actually) or prim work (fast rezzing sculpties). There is no HUD or complimentary clothing as you often find with Furry avies, but it's Beta (remember I mentioned that) and it's free! A note card in the box states that "the final version will have a fancy HUD" so don't worry.

And you can get a basic HUD to control eye color when you get the avatar itself. How do you do that? Join the group (use the Groups tab after clicking the Search button to find Curious, Inc. then click the group name then the View Full Profile Button then .... c'mon! You can do this. I'm gonna get IMs, but try it.). Look in the Notices section of the Group Info pane to get the goodies. You don't need to go anywhere to join the group, but folks expect an SLurl so here it is: SLurl. As a group member you can use the sandbox at that location or visit the near by store and social area.

Here is a great bit: one of the parts is named Ringtail - Hair (Get some real hair.)

UPDATE: Got this in a group notice
They are not lemurs. They are ringtailed cats.

New Blog for Shoppers

The Fashion SLurls blog (Web) is actually more of an aggregated list of clothing and fashion stores in Second Life than a commentary source. In addition to listing stores it provides Web links for designers, modeling agencies, fashion blogs, and on-line stores. Worth a look.

New @ Bare Rose for Furries

Bare Rose sends out notices about new items on a pretty regular basis, but I guess not everything gets announced so it pays to visit the new items section now and then. That is where I found these really cool bits for Furries (SLurl). The Digi Denim is L$65 and is six pairs of pants plus sculpty bell bottoms designed to work best with the hind paws of a Furry avie. Look close and you'll see the airbrushed pant leg art. The box on the bottom, Digi Cavalier, is L$85 and, as you can see, is a nice set of piratey boot for Furries.

Visible just behind is a set of tiaras, necklaces, and earrings for L$120. Really delicate prim work on these items.

Take your time checking out all the new stuff. In the time it took me to write this post the Raffle Ball thought I was pretty Random two times. Wooters for freebies!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coke Supply's Alien

The famous (infamous?) Coke Supply is still selling her sculpty-free 1675 prim Alien avatar for just L$1 (SLurl). You might have seen the group notice for it or heard me ranting about it from time to time. I remember when she first built one for Burning Life '07 (Web) and when she gave a nearly finished one to me last September (Web). Right now she's working on an Alien-Preditor hybrid (see pic). The head is more than 400 prims by itself.

FYI ... no Animation override yet. And get to that SLurl quick ... long story, but the sim might get de-rezzed at any moment. Coke has another vendor on the Oasis of Lesbos, but I don't have an SLurl for it.

Here, Free Fishie Fishie Fishie!

It seems like a hundred years ago I set out to make custom fishies for the 7Seas® fishing areas at the Isle of Lesbos Resorts but never got un-busy enough to do it. But while making prizes for the up-coming Valentines Hunt I was inspired to make LOVE Fish ... in eight colors!! Win them now or a custom (rather mature) t-shirt or a rainbow bikini. The clothes and the B/W fish are set to Common whilst the rainbowy-color fishies are Uncommon. I have ideas for more fishies so I hope to have them before the Easter Hunt.

Isle of Lesbos Mall (SLurl)
Bay of Lesbos (SLurl)
Imsucha Beach @ The Isle of Lesbos (SLurl)
Sappho's Point Beach @ The Isle of Lesbos (Women Only; SLurl)

Do you have a fishin' area with custom fishies? Send a note card to me in-world with an LM and I'll post it here. Lucky Kitty Crew members only, please, and if you have a full-perms pic, too, that will make the post even better.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

TalTECH Has Moved

Armaments superstore TalTECH has moved to a larger location (SLurl) and golly it is nice! Three Wonder Chairs are still giving out some nice guns (SLurl) and, according to the official announcement, there are more goodies that you'll find interesting, such as Profile Picks contest that could net you L$500 every two weeks. Here is some of their announcement note:

"This store already has a larger collection available than the old store in Galleria and we have added a garden to relax in and a 7Seas fishing area, so please visit us and check them out."

"Save up to 50% off of selected items from the following brands between Saturday 24th and 1pm SLT on Saturday 31st, these items are in the main enterance of the store ..." See details in the store.

"On Wednesday the 28th and Saturday 31st at Noon SLT, the top three scorers on the ranges available in the firing range will win their choice of either cash prizes or a firing range. That makes total prices worth 13500L$ in Lindens or 39540L$ in firing ranges!" Again, details are in the store. Then again, don't bother going because I don't shoot so good and I wanna win. We need a shooting range at Lesbos.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rezzable Cross-Platform Goodies

(The group behind Greenies, Crimson Shadow, and other fine places) has announced Slashmeloves Prim t-shirts for the gaming platform called Real Life and metaversal accessories for the gaming platform known as Second Life®. Read more about the launch on their blog (Web) including info on the several places you can grab freebies.

Please note there are some restrictions on the Real Life article, such as no automatic resizing in Appearance mode. Also, you must pay in £, not in $L. While delivery is not near instantaneous, the good news is that delivery will not depend on Linden Lab® servers.

Need to demonstrate more Primative Affection? Check out Vint Falken's blog (Web) for some great desktop wallpapers.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Material Squirrel Gift

Material Squirrel has a new Profile Picks Gift. You'll see the sign for it right when you arrive (SLurl). Also near by is a Subscrib-O-Matic so you don't need to waste a group spot for the semi-regular freebies that Kala Bijoux gives out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Linden Labs Owns Xstreet & OnRez

Click for larger image
Press Release (Web)
Merchants & Shoppers FAQ (Web)
Acquisition FAQ (Web)
Official LL Blog (Web) Also discusses the acquisition of OnRez
Kat Linden's Forum Thread (Web)
Xstreet SL (Web) OnRez (Web)
Editorial on The Poultry Report (Web)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Facelight 2009 Waffle Edition

Snapshot.jpg_001, originally uploaded by Kira McCallen.

Ohhh Baby. I love teleporting in to some store only to have some FaceLight suck the glow out of my avatar. Well, never fear! Facelight 2009 Waffle Edition is here!

I just busted this big mama jama out of my inventory and Voila! No more ugly shadows on MY pretty little face. Of course, I did suck the light out of the entire room to focus it on me... but no matter!

I'm more important!

Get yours today on




Did you know that most everything I'm wearing is free?

Skin: Lazolli Takako 008 (Free)
Hair: Magika - Rose (10L)
Silks: Haven Designs - Dara Silks Gold (Lucky Chair!)
Jewelry: Mad About... Bibliophile Green (Free at one point)
Shape: El'n Shape (Free)
Eyes: Steamstress (Not Free, but only 45L)

p.s. Notice the Midnight Mania board in the background?? That's at Psychotic Neko for a Neko Tail Set

p.p.s. I forgot the Poses! Shame on me. Poses are from ~AnaLu~, and they're the Dolce Vita set from the Midnight Mania Board!

Lucky Kitty Dance (*M* Lucky Board)

So where are they now? LOL Sorry lots of fun posts today from me! I'm watchin the lucky board at *M* cause they added a cute new chocolate candies and bunny plush as well as the past head kitty. So we're all dancin to the lucky board in hopes on teh win!

So the Lucky Kitties with us here in this shot are Gilly, Mela, myself, Alannah, Cutey, and Bewkie. Ivyana was here too but I think she ducked outta the pick cause we're all lookin psycho. XD

Click here to Teleport to the *M* Lucky Board

Lucky Kitty Crew Works Out! (Heaven's Shape Item Camp)

So as you may have heard from the recent post there's the item camping at Heaven's Shape. 30 mins for outfits, shapes, skins, etc. upstairs and many past posted freebs downstairs. Come join us! I think this is the only way we get our exercize. XD

Featured here are some of the sweet crew members myself, Amaya, Mela, BbOoP, Ellsbeth, and Catabrie!

Click here to Teleport to the Item Camping at Heaven's Shape!

Grand Opening Sale

The PoP Department Store celebrates it's Grand Opening (finally) with freebies and 50% off all fountains and birdbaths through the end of January (SLurl). Other shops in the region will have various Grand Opening sales (and freebies!) later in the month. Look for an announcement from Dream Images Skins & Shapes (SLurl) but for the time being check out the Mob Vend and Prize Pyramid.

The region also features Earth Park (SLurl), a peaceful place to swim, fish, boat, and relax.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The REAL LKC Population

An invite was sent to prospective Lucky Kitty Crew (LKC) member #1589 this morning. It got me thinking "How many members do we really have?" because this was an alt of an existing member. In the picture at left at least two of the avies you see are me but only one of us is in the Crew. However, a 3rd other alt of mine is a Lucky Kitty so our rolls really stand at no more than 1587 if we count butts parked in front of keyboards and not these two alts.

Well, even less than 1587. I know of at least a half-dozen alts in the LKC. I don't want to out anyone, but I know several of your alts, sometimes by accident, sometimes because you told me. Why you have an alt is your business. I keep one, as mentioned in other posts on this blog, for storage. One of the girls in this pic is my storage alt. I keep another because she manages groups for me and is a good safety log-in for when Second Life® issues manage to keep my main account from logging in or functioning. Some of you know her because I don't hide her, but I don't necessarily advertise that she is me (or am I her ... we fight over that all the time).

What I don't understand -- at least not completely -- are the alts that have been added to the Crew just to gather more stuff. These are not the alts made just to bump a long-wait chair (ever wonder why we have so many Q, U, W, X, & Z members?) but ones that are actually out there to acquire more wealth. Sure, sometimes I'm logged in as my other self for business or a little recreation and she happens to snag a great prize that is useful at our home or the Isle of Lesbos or other places we work. But like me, she seldom keeps the things she wins, either transferring or deleting them.

So why the alts? And how many are there in the LKC? If the number is substantial I would feel awful funny when I brag that we are one of the largest independent shopping/freebie groups in-world. Feel free to leave a comment.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

7Seas Fishing @ Loco Pocos

Damien Fate has updated the 7Seas fishing area at Loco Pocos (SLurl) and "there are many unique items you can grab by fishing there, including little prizes from past events! Not only that, but you may be lucky enough to grab one of the unique avatars too!" (Web) New outfits have been released (L$250 each), too, and each comes with a fishing stick or you can get a free stick if you'd rather not buy an outfit. Regardless, use the Invisible Rod from 7Seas to do the actual fishing. Of course, Lucky Kitty Frurry Fluno jumped on this right away. Here she is with Usra Ostrich getting all the good ones. Frurry bought the Loco Pocos fishing rod (L$100). Now get down here to catch all the special fishies before she does.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Splash Aquatics

Rather than re-post a whole piece from my blog on this one, I'm simply going to write "click here to read about Splash Aquatics, swimming, scuba, and mermaids." Four freebies available from a well-marked sign when you first arrive. This is a great place to visit so spend some time between dash-in and dash-out.

Hair Editing/Adjusting

Quick post here. Hair marketer Calla recommends Linden Lifestyles' blog post "Hair Editing 101: The Ultimate Salon Guide for Beginners"(Web) and now I do, too. Very nice.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Urban Grungy Durtiness!

Big thanks to Cutey Magic for shouting out about URBAN SPIRIT MAINSTORE and all the wonderful urban/grungy/neko freebies it has available. There is an entire floor of freebies ranging from grungy neko hang out couch to a full durty public bathroom.

Also be sure to check out Rags to Riches, home of "Viral Universal Freebie Venders." The contents in these boxes are free open source items created by Arcadia Asylum for the Urban Blight project. Do what you want with them but you cannot resell them or anything with her name on it. I've used a lot of these freebies for .... ummm .... decorating? And for taking pics. I love them because they have great textures and they are mod so I can tweak them for my needs. Also look around because I don't think everything is in the vendors. INVENTORY CONTROL TIP: Take a copy of each vendor. Then when you need to decorate you can rez the vendor and pull out just the items you need.

When you're done at Arcadia's place you can walk a little to the Northeast (careful, sim crossing) to De Fuckups punkrockgenerator. Just inside the door to the right is a box of free items from DeFuckups including some amplifiers, record player, dirty mattress with poses AND a sausage cart. WOW!!

Pawn shop drop off with winirose
If you're aware of any other freebie urban grunge places I'd love to know about them. Drop a comment here to share with the crew! Have fun and watch out for the fleas. eewwwwww!!

More Letter Serendipity

The Little Heaven chairs (SLurl) like to keep chair stalkers amused, it seems. What three letter combos would you find most amusing? Post a comment to let everyone know.

Inventory Organization Tips Part 2

Lots of discussion this morning in the group IM about using boxes to store your inventory to cut the over all volume. Linden Labs® recommends that you rez a cube, name it, and stuff inventory into it. Then you take the cube into your Inventory which is now cleaner, sleeker, and prevents butt sag. Until you go to open the cube and find all your stuff (or a portion of it) "Missing From Database."

Nearly all my 2007 Halloween and Christmas items stored thusly cannot be retrieved by the usual recommend means (Web) or through the special intervention the Lindens (several have tried). Some items I bought but many I made so the support crew is really stumped by the loss though they admitted it happens.

What about commercially made storage boxes like those from THiNC (SLurl)? Some of my lost items were in simple cubes (well, nicely decorated and I added hover text so I would know what the box was without editing when it was rezzed) and some were in these Inventory Organizers. Like the cubes I made, these have hover text to describe the contents, but they actually show item names as you use little arrows to "scroll" through the box's contents. No more right-clicking and choosing Open from the pie menu. Golly what a time saver! When the item you want is shown, simply click the box and it copies the item you want into your inventory. Honestly, if you are used to editing the contents of a prim, you can save money and time over the commercially made boxes. Read more about the boxes on the Web and make up your own mind, though.

Regardless of the method you choose, though, take this advice:

(1) Keep the box contents to fewer than 80 items. THiNC recommends under 100. The more you have inside the greater the strain on the database servers.

(2) Regularly unpack and repack the boxes. Or at least look inside them. Inventory is based on UUID codes and those can be stripped off if an item isn't seen for a while. This could happen more often as new asset server protocols come into effect (Web).

(3) Try to avoid putting items into boxes then boxing these boxes or more. Like making a photocopy of a photocopy, degradation can occur.

(4) Don't empty your trash then purge your cache, especially if you switch between viewers often (like the official viewer, the RC viewers, the OnRez viewer, or others). They don't necessarily share database information on your computer though they are supposed to do so. Empty then purge during different sessions.

(5) Get some land and rez all your stuff there. Or at least a copy of your stuff. Economically, not the best idea, but if something disappears from your land the Lab has a much easier time recovering it. Maybe rez your storage boxes on that land. Premium accounts can have up to 512m2 of land without paying extra. Think how much stuff you could store in 117 prims on such a lot. Talk about a frickin' huge closet! Can't afford land but you work for someone that has some? Ask to use 100 or so prims instead of a portion of your pay. Odds are they can spare some space for well-thought of employees.

(6) Seriously consider an Alt avatar as I mentioned in a previous post (Web). The ultimate storage box and they can wear the clothes you send over.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Inventory Organization Tips Part 1

Another Kitty shouted out in the group IM for me to post inventory organization tips so I rattled off a few quick ones. Here they are, expanded for the blog:

Don't accept half the freebies you get. You won't wear them anyway. (Okies, this was snarky, but I'm always hearing about people who seem to gather stuff just because they can.)

If you don't recall what it looks like a month after you get it, delete it. Better yet, donate it to a noob if the item is transferable. Tell them it's a gift from The Lucky Kitty Crew and create some goodwill.

Put dates on folders for the last time you wore something. Haven't worn it in 6 months? Delete it or give it away.

Open the map and use the Landmarks drop-down to see how many duplicate landmarks you have. Then delete them from Inventory. I almost never keep LMs anyway as I use Properties* to find the maker of the object and get the latest location for their shop from their profile. Done with LMs? Do a search for all things you have in duplicate. Gilly Wycliffe suggested scripts like Hover Text and Giver scripts. Also search for Object. Do this in a sandbox so you can rez the item to see if you should keep it. Rename it if you do keep it. Got more suggestions of things to search for? Leave a comment.)

Whether you have someone on your Friend list or not, when you have a person's Calling Card your inventory is scanned and that can cause your avie to freeze for a moment. Delete all the Calling Cards you have for folks NOT on your friends list. Maybe delete them all? I have a note card full of names from cards I've deleted and when. The few cards I have are from folks I've known for a very long time or have passed away in Real Life.

Many folks suggested using multiple inventory windows (Click File in the Inventory pane then New Window) to make moving things easier. Many suggested multiple folders. As you can see in this pic (click it for a larger view) I put folders inside Clothing to separate types of outfits. Then I marked outfits with (FAV) for a favorite set so I can search for just them and some say w/pic because I'm adding pictures to each outfit so I can see what it looks like before I wear it. That contributes to inventory bulk and can cost L$10 per image, but its often faster than constantly changing outfits. Think of it as looking through your closet. It balances time and inventory size. Starting today I'm going to add the date idea that I mentioned earlier. I also have folders for Separates: Shirts, Separates: Pants & Shorts, and the like for items that are not part of outfits.

You may have noticed a sub-folder called **New Stuff at the top of my Clothing folder. I put any new clothes, packed or unpacked, in there until I can try them on or otherwise sort them. This builds on Bewkie Effingham's advice to sort things right away. Otherwise everything ends up in the bottom of your Objects folder. I do much the same with other folders such as Note Cards, Landmarks, Objects, etc. And I have an Objects (Storage) folder to put my copies of everything (yes, that adds to bulk, but if I delete an outfit from Clothes and I have a copy .... see?).

Last big tip: Transfer everything you don't use regularly to your backup Avie. What? Don't have one? Even Linden Labs® recommends you have one. Anything that is transferable doesn't go to my Objects (Storage) folder, it goes to my backup avie (so yes, I have two alts, but one doesn't "play" ... he/she/it just holds things). The item doesn't have to be copyable, just transferable. And I don't mean an Alt that you regularly use in SL. They have their own inventory problems.


* Properties: Right-click any item in your inventory and choose Properties from the pie-menu. Then look at the Creator Profile. If they are bright they list their store location(s) in Picks even if they don't use Classifieds. This doesn't work with Objects sometimes so you may need to rez the item in-world. If you are wearing the item, right-click it and choose Edit. Is someone else wearing it or has it rezzed in-world? Right-click the item and keep choosing More... until you can Inspect. Then look at the Creator Profile. Inspect works only with prim items, not skins or the like.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great Boots at Sentou Yousei

Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) (SLurl) features fantasy clothing, neko items, armour, items for medieval/fantasy role play, and a Lucky Chair with some fabulous boots! Three styles of "Steel Toe Granny Boots" are in the chair. I won the Antique Roses style and the Precious Things style. There is also a Gears of Time style. They appear to be Copy but not Mod/Trans.

The shop has two Riot Vends that I've seen in about the same area as the chair. A map is near by and shows a freebie area at the top of a tower, but you have to fly up through a hole in the ceiling. The merchandise is pretty well spread out through this huge place so one has to poke around despite the map. Use the 30 minute cycle on the chair to cam around.

LIVE! From Illuminati

I think we broke Illuminati's Riot Vend (SLurl). Despite a big crowd, most of them humping, the vendy stuck at L$78 for a very, very long time, never announcing "lowest price."

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Freebies are born of Choice

Check out the Dot Lane, Girl Reporter post (Web) about why the Grid has so many Freebies. She explores some pretty high concepts such as definition of self, market forces, the de-evolution of prize hunts, what our money is really worth, and more. Save it for when you are camping, maybe, because it is a long piece.

But it is quite insightful. It made me think hard about some of my philosophies and feelings:

When I build items for my store I don't think about what the market wants, I think about what I feel like building. If I sell enough to cover my expenses, I'm happy.

I think most Hunts have become less about the fun and more about the accumulation of boxes that are never opened. Recently I tried to discuss the quality of the great prizes from the Solange holiday hunt and quite a number of girls admitted they haven't opened or looked at the prizes from the 2007 hunt, let alone the 2008 one. A large number of people I've asked couldn't tell me what many of the prizes were from my last two hunts. A shame because some of them came to my store and bought the prize that they won.

More prizes from chairs should be transferable but not copyable. Many of you know that I'll bump chairs when I have the time and then try to give the prize to the person that announced it in chat. Right now I have more clothes than should be healthy to own and I can afford to buy most anything I want. My building skills satisfy my needs for the most part and I feel good when I give money to someone more clever and skilled for the work they put into something I want. So I count my time as valuable in the freebie versus paybie war.
At one point in this life I found myself devoting so much time to freebies and the acquisition of treasure that I lost track of what was really valuable. My Friend list was filled with other freebie fanatics and little else. Today I have very few folks in Friends just for the freebies and that is usually just for Crew business. I didn't realize that until Dot's article. We all find a niche to fill. What is yours? How have freebies changed your Second Life?

Friday, January 9, 2009

LOLSerenKitty #98709 in a Series

O L D @ LH

One of the joys of stalking a set of Lucky Chairs is catching a happy coincidence of the letters forming words. Serenity is seen here laughing her fur off at this O L D combination at Little Heaven (SLurl). If you catch a funny combo on film (so to speak), send a full-perms copy (so I can save it to disk) to me and I'll post it here with your name. FYI ... while I was writing this it changed to O C D. I guess the chairs know us too well.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Serenkitty reacts to another announcement of a shop changing to No Mod hair.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Featured LKC Member Shop: Myrtle Spyker

Lucky Kitty Myrtle Spyker contacted me today about the grand opening of Skin Tight, her new shop in the Paris New York region (SLurl; follow the red direction arrow). It's an attractive store and I was sorely tempted to lay down on one of the massage tables. Fear of n00bie hands, though, kept me rooted while I watched the Lucky Chair.

The vendor pics are clear and rez quickly. Click the larger part for a free demo skin or any of the makeups below for a single style (L$1000) or a "MAKEUP PACK" sign for the skin with five styles. Each skin comes with free prim eyelashes and brows in two styles. That means the big pack actually has ten skins!

To help celebrate she has placed "an exclusive limited edition valentines day skin in the lucky chair" in the back of the store (10 minute cycle and as far as I can tell the letter U is missing). And a "bottle" near the front of the store has free shorts.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Featured LKC Member Shop: Kate McLaglen

In response to my offer of free advertising (Web), Kate McLaglen dropped a note card on me for the Kate McLaglen Creation Mall (SLurl).

Because Second Life® orients your avie to face east when you arrive in a new place be sure to look around to find the teleport board behind you. Touching the shop signs gives you landmarks rather than whisking you to the place. This is good or bad depending on how you maintain your inventory (I seldom keep LMs) but it helps keep the sim low-lag. Always good.

You might wish to walk, however, as the buildings are attractively trimmed in tastefully done glow and set in a peaceful, park-like landscape. The artistic fountains are indicators of the quality of the merchandise ... well textured and built with just enough prims to achieve the desired effect without waste.

According to Kate, there is some "free stuff in a few of the shops but the Kitty freebies are mostly in the Hat Heaven shop (SLurl). Currently 3 freebies out.. for new year - year of the ox.. hat, bracelets, and head band with spotted cow texture included on them." These items are just inside the door. Kate added that "there will be new freebies as time allows and.or for each holiday. I always welcome new ideas for freebies and products. Send any ideas in a note card to Kate McLaglen. This can include ideas for contests, hunts, and prizes. Also have some lucky chairs to put out.. what would the kitties like me to put in them?" Let Kate know your ideas. She's very nice to talk to and is eager to hear from you. For my part, I saw a cute lobster trap in the Nautical Shoppe (SLurl) that I hope makes it's way to a chair. Looks just like the traps one of my brothers uses. Lots of nice furniture, home accessories, and art in the shops. I also like the Old-Timey advert signs. Reminds me of walking in most any shop in the RL town I live in.

Yes, Kate has branded her goods into different shops so with the exception of a few renters on the sim, just about everything you see is hers. She's a very good builder with many years experience in 3D worlds in and out of Second Life®. If you grabbed the antlers, jeans, leg warmers, or any of the over half-dozen freebies she left at the LKC Headquarters (SLurl) then you already know this. Thanks, Kate, for the freebs and the info on your mall. It is a beautiful place to explore.

Welcome to the Lucky Kitty Crew

Whenever I add someone to the Crew they get a welcome note card. Didn't get yours? Wondering what's in it anyway? Here it is!

*•.¸('*•.¸ ♥ Welcome to the Lucky Kitty Crew ♥ ¸.•*´)¸.•*

You are now a member the BEST (we think) group in Second Life® for finding freebies, dollarbies, bargains, Lucky Chairs*, and other prize-giving devices. We are a very social bunch and you'll find our Group Chat mixed with jokes and stories and mayhem along with folks 'calling out' letters on Lucky Chairs they find.

The group founder, Serenity Semple, sends notices for special events like prize hunts, sales, group gifts, and anything else that isn't time-sensitive like a chair. We also have a blog at for in-depth reviews of very special things our members find.

So-called 'drama' in group chat is discouraged as are "deep discussions" of topics that could offend. If you want to argue, take it to private IM. We are all supposed to be adults, so please act like one.

Our Officers are Serenity Semple, Kira McCallen, Pardus Salome, Uccello Poultry, Hinamori Burleigh, Shep Korvin, Emilly Orr, and Sandriki Roux. Please contact Uccello Poultry or Kira McCallen for membership help, especially whenever Open Enrollment is Closed.

What good is a club without a club house? Check out ours with this landmark: (SLurl)

How do I 'Call' a Lucky Chair?
First, you need to copy the location of the chair to your clipboard.

1. Click the Map button in the tool bar at the bottom of your screen.
2. Click the Clear button (just to make sure everything is, well, clear)
3. Click the Show My Location button
4. Click the Copy SLURL to clipboard button

Next, type the letter into the group chat followed by a space and paste the SLurl in behind it (Ctrl-V on most computers). If you think of it, adding the number of minutes the letter is still 'good" as shown on the chair is helpful, and maybe a description of the prize. Here is an example:

U 27 A really nice dress

At minimum, the letter and the SLurl. The other stuff just makes Crew members love you more.

I found a great freebie! How do I get a notice sent?
At this time only Serenity Semple sends out notices so contact her. At minimum, send an IM with a description of the prize(s), freebie(s), or event with a landmark for the location. She gets a lot of these so you might want to include the name of the landmark in the IM. You can accomplish the same with a note card, dragging the LM into the open note card where you wrote the description.

How do I get to a location I see in Chat?
Yes, folks ask that question sometimes. Simply click the SLurl shown in the chat. A Place Information pane pops up and you can then click the Teleport button. That doesn't always take you right to the spot you want, though, but if you click the Show on Map button before teleporting a red arrow and location "beam" will be visbile when you arrive. Just follow the arrow.

Everyone is talking about something great but I'm like 'WTF?'
Odds are they saw something in the Group Notices. Open up the Group Info pane (with the Group Info button if you have the chat open or right-click on your name tag, choose Groups and go from there). You can sort the columns by clicking on them. Clicking the Date column twice will bring today's announcements to the top.

If you turn off 'Receive Group Notices' in the Group Information pane you'll need to look in Past Notices to see what you've been missing.

The title over my head differs from what other members have!
Crew members have many amusing choices to indicate group membership in their tags.

1. Right-click on your tag and choose Groups.
2. Find the Lucky Kitty Crew group in the window that opens and click on it once.
3. Click the Info button.
4. A Group Information pane opens. In the bottom right corner of that window you will see a drop down list called My Active Title. Use that to change your title.

If you see only one option, contact Uccello Poultry or another officer to have the other available titles activated.

*•.¸('*•.¸ ♥ ¸.•*´)¸.•*

*"Lucky Chair" is an invention of Shep Korvin and I'm sure he owns a ©opyright or something. By giving credit and this LM to his store I hope to avoid having my itty bitty kitty butt sued: (SLurl)

"Welcome To the Lucky Kitty Crew" Note Card contents ©2008-2009 Uccello Poultry, an avatar in the Second Life® world. Fair Use rights granted provided that attribution is given. Commercial use prohibited without prior consent.
Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Halp! Halp!

Make that writing paper. er .. writing topics. I explore and I find things to write about, but then they get into announcements or passed on by word of chat or (more likely) I realize that my taste in things really doesn't match the taste of most Crew kitties. What I'd really like to do is to feature shops owned by members of the Crew. Drop a note card on me with a landmark, your name, your shop's name, and anything you think is really important about your store. I'll drop by and write a nice piece about it. Not on toilet paper, but on this blog.

1550+ members and tons of readers can't be wrong. Don't make me start with my shop.