Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to the Lucky Kitty Crew

Whenever I add someone to the Crew they get a welcome note card. Didn't get yours? Wondering what's in it anyway? Here it is!

*•.¸('*•.¸ ♥ Welcome to the Lucky Kitty Crew ♥ ¸.•*´)¸.•*

You are now a member the BEST (we think) group in Second Life® for finding freebies, dollarbies, bargains, Lucky Chairs*, and other prize-giving devices. We are a very social bunch and you'll find our Group Chat mixed with jokes and stories and mayhem along with folks 'calling out' letters on Lucky Chairs they find.

The group founder, Serenity Semple, sends notices for special events like prize hunts, sales, group gifts, and anything else that isn't time-sensitive like a chair. We also have a blog at for in-depth reviews of very special things our members find.

So-called 'drama' in group chat is discouraged as are "deep discussions" of topics that could offend. If you want to argue, take it to private IM. We are all supposed to be adults, so please act like one.

Our Officers are Serenity Semple, Kira McCallen, Pardus Salome, Uccello Poultry, Hinamori Burleigh, Shep Korvin, Emilly Orr, and Sandriki Roux. Please contact Uccello Poultry or Kira McCallen for membership help, especially whenever Open Enrollment is Closed.

What good is a club without a club house? Check out ours with this landmark: (SLurl)

How do I 'Call' a Lucky Chair?
First, you need to copy the location of the chair to your clipboard.

1. Click the Map button in the tool bar at the bottom of your screen.
2. Click the Clear button (just to make sure everything is, well, clear)
3. Click the Show My Location button
4. Click the Copy SLURL to clipboard button

Next, type the letter into the group chat followed by a space and paste the SLurl in behind it (Ctrl-V on most computers). If you think of it, adding the number of minutes the letter is still 'good" as shown on the chair is helpful, and maybe a description of the prize. Here is an example:

U 27 A really nice dress

At minimum, the letter and the SLurl. The other stuff just makes Crew members love you more.

I found a great freebie! How do I get a notice sent?
At this time only Serenity Semple sends out notices so contact her. At minimum, send an IM with a description of the prize(s), freebie(s), or event with a landmark for the location. She gets a lot of these so you might want to include the name of the landmark in the IM. You can accomplish the same with a note card, dragging the LM into the open note card where you wrote the description.

How do I get to a location I see in Chat?
Yes, folks ask that question sometimes. Simply click the SLurl shown in the chat. A Place Information pane pops up and you can then click the Teleport button. That doesn't always take you right to the spot you want, though, but if you click the Show on Map button before teleporting a red arrow and location "beam" will be visbile when you arrive. Just follow the arrow.

Everyone is talking about something great but I'm like 'WTF?'
Odds are they saw something in the Group Notices. Open up the Group Info pane (with the Group Info button if you have the chat open or right-click on your name tag, choose Groups and go from there). You can sort the columns by clicking on them. Clicking the Date column twice will bring today's announcements to the top.

If you turn off 'Receive Group Notices' in the Group Information pane you'll need to look in Past Notices to see what you've been missing.

The title over my head differs from what other members have!
Crew members have many amusing choices to indicate group membership in their tags.

1. Right-click on your tag and choose Groups.
2. Find the Lucky Kitty Crew group in the window that opens and click on it once.
3. Click the Info button.
4. A Group Information pane opens. In the bottom right corner of that window you will see a drop down list called My Active Title. Use that to change your title.

If you see only one option, contact Uccello Poultry or another officer to have the other available titles activated.

*•.¸('*•.¸ ♥ ¸.•*´)¸.•*

*"Lucky Chair" is an invention of Shep Korvin and I'm sure he owns a ©opyright or something. By giving credit and this LM to his store I hope to avoid having my itty bitty kitty butt sued: (SLurl)

"Welcome To the Lucky Kitty Crew" Note Card contents ©2008-2009 Uccello Poultry, an avatar in the Second Life® world. Fair Use rights granted provided that attribution is given. Commercial use prohibited without prior consent.
Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati.

Okies. I added font enhancements and hyperlinks because I could. A shame in-world note cards can't have those.