Friday, January 23, 2009

Rezzable Cross-Platform Goodies

(The group behind Greenies, Crimson Shadow, and other fine places) has announced Slashmeloves Prim t-shirts for the gaming platform called Real Life and metaversal accessories for the gaming platform known as Second Life®. Read more about the launch on their blog (Web) including info on the several places you can grab freebies.

Please note there are some restrictions on the Real Life article, such as no automatic resizing in Appearance mode. Also, you must pay in £, not in $L. While delivery is not near instantaneous, the good news is that delivery will not depend on Linden Lab® servers.

Need to demonstrate more Primative Affection? Check out Vint Falken's blog (Web) for some great desktop wallpapers.


Ann Wuyts said...

Thank you very much for mentioning, Ucello. I personally <3 the "real life gaming experience" you talk about. :d

MeganK Draper said...

LMAO @ whoever that desktop shot belongs to! I thought I was the only who could barely see their wallpaper through a sea of icons! hehe :)