Thursday, January 15, 2009

7Seas Fishing @ Loco Pocos

Damien Fate has updated the 7Seas fishing area at Loco Pocos (SLurl) and "there are many unique items you can grab by fishing there, including little prizes from past events! Not only that, but you may be lucky enough to grab one of the unique avatars too!" (Web) New outfits have been released (L$250 each), too, and each comes with a fishing stick or you can get a free stick if you'd rather not buy an outfit. Regardless, use the Invisible Rod from 7Seas to do the actual fishing. Of course, Lucky Kitty Frurry Fluno jumped on this right away. Here she is with Usra Ostrich getting all the good ones. Frurry bought the Loco Pocos fishing rod (L$100). Now get down here to catch all the special fishies before she does.