Monday, January 5, 2009

Featured LKC Member Shop: Kate McLaglen

In response to my offer of free advertising (Web), Kate McLaglen dropped a note card on me for the Kate McLaglen Creation Mall (SLurl).

Because Second Life® orients your avie to face east when you arrive in a new place be sure to look around to find the teleport board behind you. Touching the shop signs gives you landmarks rather than whisking you to the place. This is good or bad depending on how you maintain your inventory (I seldom keep LMs) but it helps keep the sim low-lag. Always good.

You might wish to walk, however, as the buildings are attractively trimmed in tastefully done glow and set in a peaceful, park-like landscape. The artistic fountains are indicators of the quality of the merchandise ... well textured and built with just enough prims to achieve the desired effect without waste.

According to Kate, there is some "free stuff in a few of the shops but the Kitty freebies are mostly in the Hat Heaven shop (SLurl). Currently 3 freebies out.. for new year - year of the ox.. hat, bracelets, and head band with spotted cow texture included on them." These items are just inside the door. Kate added that "there will be new freebies as time allows and.or for each holiday. I always welcome new ideas for freebies and products. Send any ideas in a note card to Kate McLaglen. This can include ideas for contests, hunts, and prizes. Also have some lucky chairs to put out.. what would the kitties like me to put in them?" Let Kate know your ideas. She's very nice to talk to and is eager to hear from you. For my part, I saw a cute lobster trap in the Nautical Shoppe (SLurl) that I hope makes it's way to a chair. Looks just like the traps one of my brothers uses. Lots of nice furniture, home accessories, and art in the shops. I also like the Old-Timey advert signs. Reminds me of walking in most any shop in the RL town I live in.

Yes, Kate has branded her goods into different shops so with the exception of a few renters on the sim, just about everything you see is hers. She's a very good builder with many years experience in 3D worlds in and out of Second Life®. If you grabbed the antlers, jeans, leg warmers, or any of the over half-dozen freebies she left at the LKC Headquarters (SLurl) then you already know this. Thanks, Kate, for the freebs and the info on your mall. It is a beautiful place to explore.