Friday, January 30, 2009

Sanu's Collars, Jewelry, and More 7Seas Customs

So once again after the blast of posts I did yesterday...I'm chilling down and catching up on my 7Seas Customs. I still have so many places to hit up but thought I'd blog one of the lil lesser know places. ^^

Sanu's Collars, Jewelry, and More has a theme with it's customs which are Sushi Ice Cream! 6 in all to catch, some are normal and some are decorated. This is a close up in on their Tasty Tuna decorated version. The detail on these fishies and this ice cream alone are awesome!

So come visit the pond and come fishin with some of the crew, remember we're always welcome to cool places to fish, trading, and updates too. ^^

Sanu's is one of my fave shops for it's adorable items and good prices. Plus their group just is constantly tossing out gifts, a must go!

Click here to teleport to Sanu's Collars, Jewelry, and More Fishing Pond!