Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great Boots at Sentou Yousei

Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) (SLurl) features fantasy clothing, neko items, armour, items for medieval/fantasy role play, and a Lucky Chair with some fabulous boots! Three styles of "Steel Toe Granny Boots" are in the chair. I won the Antique Roses style and the Precious Things style. There is also a Gears of Time style. They appear to be Copy but not Mod/Trans.

The shop has two Riot Vends that I've seen in about the same area as the chair. A map is near by and shows a freebie area at the top of a tower, but you have to fly up through a hole in the ceiling. The merchandise is pretty well spread out through this huge place so one has to poke around despite the map. Use the 30 minute cycle on the chair to cam around.


chelle said...

i found another lucky chair there down one floor

Kira McCallen said...

Those are FABULOUS! Great find!