Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ringtail Avie from Curious, Inc.

Serenity made me do it. She made me break out my storage alt to do this review. All my groups were full so I used (Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent) to join Curious, Inc. to get this Beta copy of a new Ringtail Lemur (Web) avatar. I should say "really nice Ringtail Lemur avatar" because it is very, very good. It may be a Beta release, but so far I find nothing wrong with the texturing (absolutely fabulous, actually) or prim work (fast rezzing sculpties). There is no HUD or complimentary clothing as you often find with Furry avies, but it's Beta (remember I mentioned that) and it's free! A note card in the box states that "the final version will have a fancy HUD" so don't worry.

And you can get a basic HUD to control eye color when you get the avatar itself. How do you do that? Join the group (use the Groups tab after clicking the Search button to find Curious, Inc. then click the group name then the View Full Profile Button then .... c'mon! You can do this. I'm gonna get IMs, but try it.). Look in the Notices section of the Group Info pane to get the goodies. You don't need to go anywhere to join the group, but folks expect an SLurl so here it is: SLurl. As a group member you can use the sandbox at that location or visit the near by store and social area.

Here is a great bit: one of the parts is named Ringtail - Hair (Get some real hair.)

UPDATE: Got this in a group notice
They are not lemurs. They are ringtailed cats.