Monday, January 19, 2009

Facelight 2009 Waffle Edition

Snapshot.jpg_001, originally uploaded by Kira McCallen.

Ohhh Baby. I love teleporting in to some store only to have some FaceLight suck the glow out of my avatar. Well, never fear! Facelight 2009 Waffle Edition is here!

I just busted this big mama jama out of my inventory and Voila! No more ugly shadows on MY pretty little face. Of course, I did suck the light out of the entire room to focus it on me... but no matter!

I'm more important!

Get yours today on




Did you know that most everything I'm wearing is free?

Skin: Lazolli Takako 008 (Free)
Hair: Magika - Rose (10L)
Silks: Haven Designs - Dara Silks Gold (Lucky Chair!)
Jewelry: Mad About... Bibliophile Green (Free at one point)
Shape: El'n Shape (Free)
Eyes: Steamstress (Not Free, but only 45L)

p.s. Notice the Midnight Mania board in the background?? That's at Psychotic Neko for a Neko Tail Set

p.p.s. I forgot the Poses! Shame on me. Poses are from ~AnaLu~, and they're the Dolce Vita set from the Midnight Mania Board!


Uccie Poultry said...

Great face light. For those who can't use XStreetSL, check the big freebie giver at our headquarters. There are a couple versions in there.

I love to see girls (and the occassional guy) with 8, 10, even 12 prim face lights considering that SL can show the effect of only 6 sources at a time. It's very funny to watch the flickering light show when a group gets together and the avies move about. Add some colors and and it would look like fireworks.