Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alien Isles Fishin

So decided to take a break from all the runnin around and do some fishing. As some of the crew noticed in chat I was offering some weird spares on customs. Here's some of the neat customs at Alien Isles!

As you can see they're very unique and cool! They range from avatars, pets, and accessories. I snuck a pic of human Hina with his F.N. Flicker Shoulder Pet. XD

Click HERE to Teleport to Alien Isles Fishing Area!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Relay for Life Avies from Lost Furest!

Check out the Relay for Life Avies from Lost Furest!! (SLurl) All monies go to the charity (Web & Web). I'll try to update this post with pix of me in my avie, but I haven't taken one yet. If you see me, ask me to change. Or look for Lucky Kitties Shilo Darkfold and Frurry Fluno. The latter has all of them and Shilo hasn't taken hers off since getting it.

Update: Here's my avie and I bought an outfit while there. Minimum price for an avie is L$1000 and for that you get both genders, two styles of collars, two hair styles, two tail types, and two styles of belts. Also included but not shown are prim wings (based on the free ones you can get at Help Island). The outfit is from Bare Rose and is a minimum of L$100 for pants with special "furry" legs, a vest, and two shirts. I say minimum for prices because if you pay less you don't get the item and your money is considered a donation. If you pay more then you are just extra generous.

Oh ... more ... they have several of the winged kitty avies (mine is called Charity), an anthro-wolf avie, and more. Check it out!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

L$2000 Cap Contest

Click the Pic to Learn More

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lucky Kitty Crew Decision

As many may have known, almost the entire first version members of LKC were removed - except my personal friends. The reason this happened was due to multiple attacks on myself from people in the group and various other planned out dramatastic attacks. So now on a current update Lucky Kitty Crew is striving better than ever and I plan to keep it a closed group as so to avoid these attacks. As I mentioned in my letter to the group that this was a hard decision but I don't think people have no where to go for the same group type activities (or are unprohibitied to start their own group - though using your own name would've been nice ;3). Though some of the crew members want to continue to post on the blog which is fine and open to all to stay tuned to. But as for the group itself it will be permantly closed and continue on as a private group of my friends. If you have a problem with it, all I can say is that I'm sorry but having daily attacks on my person when all I was trying to do was a good thing was way too much for me to handle.

P.S. - If there's any questions or drama rumors going around please feel free to contact me. I don't like lies just being spread because some people can't handle what happened like mature adults. ^^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hunt: Cat Creations March 2009

Store/Designer: Cat Creations

Time Period: March 2009


Vendor Blog: Unknown

Search Details: Search for 10 Mardi Gras masks to collect outfits. Masks cost $0L each. Masks can be found in and on building.

Difficulty Rating: Appears easy but I never found 2 of the masks. Masks are images so wire frame view does not help although "Highlight transparent" can be helpful.

HUNT: Crushed Velvet - Now - April 12, 2009?

Store/Designer: Crushed Velvet
Time Period: Checking, but assume available until Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009
Vendor Blog: Unknown
Search Details: Search for 10 easter eggs to complete a bunny outfit. Cost of each each egg is $0L.
Difficulty Rating: Medium Difficulty (Small fist sized eggs)

Sugar Rush Huntin' (Today Only)

So here I am fishing at Sugar Rush...cause I can't spare the thought of missing out on the Limited Edition Customs here!

And I notice there's a hunt going on. L$10 a pop, and 12 shamrocks/clovers to find. If you click the poster you get a spiffy notecard with the info and pics of the prizes even.

Also remember it's today only so you don't wanna miss out. Here's Sandie and Nunca playing with two of the prizes from the hunt (the cootie gun and anti-cootie gun) ^^

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Splash Aquatics Coin Hunt

Splash Aquatics (SLurl), purveyors of fine landscaping, aquascaping, and aquarium items, has a Coin Hunt. Find ten gold coins and win the prize of the day. Right now I'm trying to win a Pilot Whale family. Okies. I keep getting distracted by things I want to buy. Many of my aquascaping items come from this store. Kaikou Splash makes some great stuff. Take time to sit by the rainbow here. Very relaxing. BTW ... look for other entries about Splash on this blog. Use the Search.

Friday, March 13, 2009

H&S St. Patty's Hunt

This is all I know about it. A Plurk buddy told me about this Hunt.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can has U Feeshz (7Seas Fishiversary)

So as most of you may know the 7Seas Fishiversary has begun! 1 year of an amazing game that has taken SL by storm. As many know I am a huge fan of this game due to my luv of teh feeshz. Pretty much when you arrive, head for teh caek (no the cake is not a lie! - it's not)

So once ya head there, get some sweet celebratory goodies on the island. And then head for the part where it says rez a boat. Best thing is that the boat has a server so you can fish while you explore the different places.

There are many goodies around the different islands and even items camps and lucky chairs and prize givers. So much stuff it's almost too much stand. XD It's only for this weekend so I highly recommend checking it out. Oh and just a reminder, you know it's gonna be filled and lagged and since you're fishing a really good tip is just pop on that simple bikini to help keep things better and still look neat. ^^

(Warning the sim is almost constantly filled, try having the slurl show on map and tp into the sim next door and fly over. ^^)

Now for some random pics of some of the islands I really liked. XD

Monday, March 9, 2009

Customer Service (*LPP*)

Most Kitties should be familiar with LPP (SLurl) from the Creators Stamp Rally (CSR) in 2008 or from just shopping there. The shop is well-known for unusual goodies of exceptional quality, such as steam punk robotic body parts and cyber doll fetish items. I'm happy to report that LPP is also tops in customer service. Lucky Kitty Shilo Darkfold worked with LPP owner Aoimizuno Meili to get a copy/mod/no trans version as a present after hearing that I wished the one I had purchased last year was modifiable for adding sub-collar scripts. Aoimizuno was quick and very nice. LPP is tops in my book and will be a first-stop shop for gifts and goodies from now on.

If you want to see my collar, check out my blog (Web).

Itoh Clinic Lucky Boards

Yay I'm trying to sneak in more posts. XD At least when I'm waiting for stuffs. As you can see I'm watching the Itoh Clinic Lucky Boards. There's also past item camps for 30 mins a pop for some sweet kitty things.

Treasure Fishing?

So once again I'm gonna pop in something fish related. XD Haha. I love da feesh!

So I'm checkin out places and readin up and find out (a lil late but none the less) about this treasure fishing game.

Lemme give you the low down. Pretty much get this free fishing rod and be at one of the participating locations (I'll be linking the dEVOL location at the bottom of this post).

(Hina and I fishing here. ^^)

Pretty much attach and click something (like the ground that you're near) to begin. Then you'll be waiting for messages. Sometimes you won't get a bite and will need to cast again. But if you do get a bite follow the messages it gives : Such as CLICK! or DON'T CLICK!

If you click it enough to reel in the prize then distance will drop and if you get it to 0 you will get a prize. It's random what you reel in and remember if it says DON'T CLICK - don't do it cause it will cause the distance to increase and you may lose your fish. Mind you this is only available until the 10th of this month.

So goodluck all! ^^

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lucky Kitty Crew HQ

Just a note to let you know, the Lucky Kitty Crew Headquarters has had to relocate. If you know of a nice spot for the Crew Headquarters, please let me know.



Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fishing spotlight!

Today I start my "fishing spotlight" posts. I love fishing in SL, you meet some fun folks, get some really cool custom fishes, clothing, items and you can win linden if you place in the top three during a contest. What's not to love. That said my first "Spotlight" is for DiaCat ClowDen of Majestic Dungarvan, quite a mouthful but it's a really interesting place. Peaceful and imaginative in it's ambience, there are planets of the local galaxy rotating around (best seen at midnight). Cathleen Denzo the friendly owner hosted a tournament this morning with a jackpot of over 1100L with very cute custom trophies to the winners!

Here's the SLURL check it out I guarantee you won't be disappointed.