Monday, November 30, 2009

Dreams Lucky Tee

LKC member Sanura Snowpaw's Lucky Chair at Dreams (SLurl) is filled with lucky goodness, a complete set of eight chair-exclusive "Lucky Tees" chosen randomly every 10 minutes or when someone claims a shirt. Nicely textured and fast-rezzing, each color comes on all three top layers for flexible use with other clothes. Not feeling lucky? You can buy the complete set for just L$400 from a sign near the chair.

While in the shop, grab the FREE Wear Gray for a Day tee in the box near the chair and some free tees from a Lucky Kitty on the near by table.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Doomed Ship Avies!

Doomed Ship (SLurl), a horror-in-space role play venue, has complimentary avies, even if you don't join the game. Sets include space suits animation overrides, skins, shapes, and more. You'll also find a full-perms shape set (hinted at in the pic). These folks are very serious about RL-sized avies.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A&S New Lucky Board

New lucky board at A&S for a cute rideable key with various decor on it. Past lucky boards available too. ^^

Triad Chocolate Gachapon & Factory!

So was talkin to Nikita while checking out her new cafe ( ) which has it's own great goodies. But she told me about this new chocolate factory and gacha. I was all over it with glee. XD

First up we have an awesome chocolate Gachapon that you can win a variety of chocolates at. There's a mix up of various types and even a cool chocolate bag, mouth chocolate, holdable, etc. It's L$20 a turn and trans so it makes a sweet gift. ;3

But find the door to the almost hidden chocolate factory in Triad Town...

And it's just so cute. XD

I don't want to give away everything but make sure to explore around for more goodies to be had! Dive right into the fun of chocolate!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TFC Mall Lucky Boards

A couple updates at the lucky boards here. KOPI has a new marmalade seat available in their board.

Also Random Kitten has one of their neko dolls in their board here. Both boards prizes are transfer as well. ^^

Fancy Shop Puku-Puku Lucky Boards & Gachapon

2 new gachapons at Fancy Shop Puku-Puku, L$20 per go for some adorable slippers in either neko or panda theme.

There other is L$10 a go for some cute nom and animal themed whistles.

And new lucky boards for some x-mas trees as well. ^^ /

Hobby Toy Market Lucky Boards

Some cute new lucky boards near the entrance Hobby Toy Market for some various cute stuffs. Also lots of great items with freebs available in the mall too. ^^

*Epic* Limited Lucky Chair

The lucky chair comes and goes with the fairies themselves, Poshie BabyDoll dress in Coffee is available for now. You can also buy it instead of waiting. Other goodies around the cute store too. ^^

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Hair in Rotten Toe Lucky Chair

Rotten Toe has the unlucky chair back out and loaded up with a 3 pack of super cute hair, named "Braains" (due to the opening on the left side of the head that shows your brains xD) Comes in 3 shades of blue. As with the rest of her hair so far this one is adorable ^.^ A must have hehe.

Chair is set on a 20 minute timer so pretty easy to grab this one :) I was lucky enough to randomly tp in to check it out when it was on a Z hehe \o/


Worn in Picture:
Hair - Rotten Toe Brains hair (unlucky chair)
Skin - Frick group gift skin "Mystic"
Dress - Lollidoom dress by Rotten Toe ( 15L in discount room)
Tattoos - Bye Bye Birdie by Tacky Star (not free)
Kitteh Bits - PKC White with stars set (not free)

Scribble Lucky Board

Just a reminder there's a new prize in the lucky boards at Scribble. These are fantastic boards, the more friends/people around the faster it changes and it takes into consideration what letters are in close range to it. Once you click your letter click the prize you want to win. Goodluck. ^^

A&S Holiday Lucky Boards

A&S has some cute holiday bear goodies in their lucky boards. They're wearable so you can cuddle them right away, 6 different colors in all if you want to collect them. The bears come in wblue, akatya, usuaka, gray, ivory, and tea colors. There's also a board for the xmas floaty bear sock ride too. ^^

Friday, November 6, 2009

KUE! Lucky Boards & Goodies

If you haven't been to KUE! you dunno the cuteness you're missin out on. Recently they updated their 3 lucky boards. My fave petite choux cookie seat is up top. ^^

Also the other 2 prizes which are a Pink Tote and Cute Acorn Care Set.

If you're a gacha-fiend like many of us are you may already know about their gachapon for a variety of cute items.

But remember their halloween gachapon are going away very soon.

And they added a new squirrel gachapon today. ^^

Plus you don't want to forget the daily freeb gachapon near the others for a ton of a cute items.

Of course the bargain corner, which I think is great if you missed out any of their past hunts or other cool items. ^^

Tir Na Nog Freebs

Really nice black wings (it would make for a cool film noir type fairy look) from Tir Na Nog.

You'll also find some past goodies by the xmas tree too.

HaruMotor's Lucky Chair

New lucky chair at HaruMotor's for a pretty cute little mini rideable version of the Kaguya Police vehicle. The chair changes every 2 mins and even has wildcards. ^^

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Earthbound Group Lucky Board

New group lucky donut (the inviter is nearby the entrance) for some cute tiny and well made brooms. Goodluck, it changes every 10 mins. ^^

Cosplay Co-Op Freebs & Dollarbies

Some cool anime/manga related Freebs and Dollarbies available at Cosplay Co-Op. ^^

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fairy's Grove Creations

In your basic inventory is a mistake. It is a folder marked "Gamer Male by Wraith Unsung" (see pic) but doesn't contain an avie like the "Gamer Girl," with it's funky colors and handheld game prop. Rather, it is a male elf from Fairy's Grove Creations. It is rather nice and I wear it often (changing the shape to female) and even created an alt based on it. Much to my suprise, when I visited the maker's shop (SLurl) I found a free female version and a "bonus-added" version of the free male avie that adds a sword. If you wander the shop you'll find that there is a L$700 version of these with upgraded weaponry and boots.

Umi Usagi Lucky Chair

Newish prize in the Umi Usagi lucky chair for a cute outfit called Short Overalls Chocolate. You can find this prize in the 2 chairs near the entrance, past lucky chairs and tons of goodies available in the store too. ^^

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog Changing

Changing the blog template layout so please hang in there while we work on it. Thank you. ^^

*Edit - We've revamped the blog now and if you're interested in linking our site to yours please contact me so we can add you on our links. Thanks for the support ^^*