Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where the Heck did this come from?

Knowing what an object "really" is or knowing who made it can be very handy. For example, the Isle of Lesbos prohibits weapons and some ladies frequently try to tell us "but, hon, it's only decorative!" Or you don't want to ask someone where they got that nifty doohickyjiggerthingy they are wearing but you want one so badly you'll melt without it.

This is where "Inspect" comes in handy. Simply right-click on the object (sorry, doesn't work with mesh layers like skin or clothes) and choose More. If you don't see Inspect in the next menu, choose More again then choose Inspect. A window pops up showing the name of each prim, who owns them, and the creator of each prim.

If you want to visit the creator's shop, click the See Creator Profile ... button and check their Picks or Classified.

Second Life's™ own Torley Linden has a video tutorial demonstrating this feature on YouTube. And an earlier post on this blog describes a similar technique for gathering the same info. But no matter which way you do it, gathering the information can be quite useful. If only to keep you from melting.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Plushies & More!

Twenty huggable and/or wearable plushies have been added to the Freebie Giver at LKC HQ. I also added the Bay City freebs mentioned in the previous post.

Please leave some feedback here! I feel like I'm blogging to a blank wall. Do you grab the freebs? Do you like them?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Governor Linden Gives Freebies

So I popped into Bay City (SLurl) to grab the Freebies mentioned on the official SLblog and who did I find? Why it was Governor Linden! Sure, there is no "real" such person, but folks were pickled tink that she was there. Lucky Kitties Kira and Lerochelle begged to be teleported in to see the 'Supreme Overlord.' Also showing up was our 'Supreme Overlord' Serenity and Angela (not pictured below, but you can see her IM greeting to me).

Ms. Linden confirmed that the Mole avies used by the Linden Department of Public Works (wiki entry) were made by the very talented Wynx Whiplash. They got the avies free, but you can buy one at Extrovirtual.

Now if you are wondering why everyone is standing around, we were watching a Linden having trouble setting the box to be sold for L$0. Yep. The issue was mentioned on the official blog, too, but I figured it would be fixed by the time I got there. It wasn't, so I offered a free "giver' script. She declined my offer and put one of her own in -- then deleted it saying that a script showing her as the creator shouldn't be released in the wild. I choked back "But the script I'm happy to give you would deliver the contents in a folder without a copy of itself! And then folks wouldn't need to unpack the box!" Honestly, it is so hard to teach a Linden :::giggle:::

About the freebs ... some of the textures in the box are awesome! I look forward to using them. However, nearly every object that my wife rezzed from the pack was merely (oh! how can I put this politely?) ... Well, I'm sure that when I check the official work done by the moles it will be better than the mole-built freebies in the pack. Hey, I'm not a great builder (here's one), but get paid to do it by many who think I'm better than average. And these items were not quite up to being average.

Still, the freebs were generally nice and maybe I'm ultra picky. All-in-all, I do recommend heading out to get this Inventory-busting goodie (lots of stuff in the box). And if you see Governor Linden, say HI for me.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flyin' Freebie!

Who can resist a Flyin' Lion? I'm on my Uni Jetstream. Fullly colorable and a blast to take to the skies! Get yours in Ginza (SLurl). Take the tunnel "ride" then head to the roof to claim this goodie! And take a tip ... Explore!!! I found this one after checking out a freeb posted in the Group Notices.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wee Li'l Box

When I get a cool freeb with Copy/Trans perms I put it in this box at the Lucky Kitty Crew HQ. Over 70 items now, including clothes, gadgets, textures, builders tools, and more!

Other freebs are at HQ, too, including a Lucky Board that just might have your Initial on it right now! Go check it out! (SLurl)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Double Cheeseburgers for a Buck!

If you have L$1 and step onto the porch of The Starlust Motel (SLurl) you can get several double cheeseburgers. Apply liberally and you have a nice outfit :)

This made me soooo hungry. Then when I stepped over to the Eat Me store and got the best lookin' free burgers .. oohh .. I need cheeseburgers like some folks need ....

Anyway, zip around the sim. Some great freebies and dollarbies to be found and the place is a hoot to explore. The builds in this sim are exceptionally creative and the merchandise in the stores is very original. As soon as I can I'm going back just to explore.

FYI .. check past notices in the group! So many people begged for me to TP them when I described things in Group Chat! I saw it in the notices and you can, too.

Friday, May 16, 2008

How Frickin' Wrong is This?

So I was investigating the Peugeot sim (SLurl) for my blog, a wee bit miffed that the car they were promoting was not free, nor was the bicycle there, when I ran across a freebie Peugeot Sport Race Outfit. Okies, not much, I thought, but better than nothing. So I scarfed it and toured the sim. After a few hours in RL I decided to try the outfit on and take my racing snail back to the Peugeot track when I ran across a problem with the helmet. Can you spot it?

And it took fo-evah for the shirt to rez. Thank goodness they put useless undies in the box.

Free Greenies Avies!

Check out the Group Notice from 16 May 2008 titled "Free Greenie Av". It has landmarks and instructions so you could have an avie (randomly assigned) like one of these!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not Free?

Why buy things in Second Life™ when so many nice things are FREE? 'Cause sometimes they are deliciously irresistible!

Tasty Vanilla Creme Uccie!

After seeing our beloved Serenkitty as a tasty treat in blue I was eager to get a similar outfit, so I did ... only L$99!! I went to one of the several YumYum locations the followed a landmark to the main store (SLurl) and dove into the pile of cupcakes they have there and grabbed some freebies, too. More about my visit at one of my personal blogs.

Freebs can be Beautiful

So here I am wandering around checkin out freebs and I happen across this placed called M's R&D

So I check it out and see a waterfall thingy for freeb and like \o/ Yay!

Then I turn around and see it on display and was like OMFG!!!!

So yeah, definitely a must check out even if you don't want it (not that I could understand why) this area is great for a pose or two!

This is Sereni, over and out! ^^V

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Freebie @ Grendel's Children

It looks like Grendel's Children is remodeling, but for now if you head there (SLurl) you can grab the newest free avie: A Hippo!

This is me in a temporary habitat at the Isle of Lesbos. Got stuck on guard duty and couldn't hit the jungle pond.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"We're not your Mommy"

Directly from Serenity's "We're not your Mommy" notecard (2008-05-10 23:45:30) with my hearty endorsement.

Kies, kinda tired of saying have the LM show on map to guide you or punch in the coordinates.

Seriously, no one has the time to tp everyone to every exact location and SL LMs don't always bring you to the spot. It happens.

So what can you do?

You can open the LM, find it in your inventory, right click it. Choose About Landmark. Then click the Show On Map button.

But that doesn't always work. So what else can you do?

Click the Map button at the bottom of the screen. Search the sim's name that you're in. Then type in the coordinates that are written on the LM themselves.

What else can you do?

Well you can complain to the group about being lost and someone might be nice and go tp you there. But most unlikely and Sereni will just bang her head against the wall cause people don't listen. e.e

Hopefully this cleared up for the people who're lost. Keep supporting the group, thanks. XDDD

- Serenity

I have Feebie Vision!

Maybe it is a new bug or I have Freebie Vision, but when I visit Storm Thunders' Avatars Toys & Freebies (SLurl) I see two, light blue-colored twisted cubes filled with Freebs and a top hat with Freebs.

Apparently others don't see them. "Others" meaning "several people." So I've put the full-permed freebies from each in the Freebie Giver at LKC HQ (SLurl). A nice Coca-Cola bikini is among the items.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Free ☺ & No Mod ☹

I'm trying my new freebs from Wonderhair (SLurl) and the pieces look very well constructed and textured. But I've yet to find a piece that can be adjusted to fit my head. Now I've been accused of having a big head (justifiably so, in some cases), but ... Anyway, some look to be Mod and some don't so grab all you can and delete what you can't use.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How to stop look like a newbie in 5 minutes?

The answer is so simple, just go to "ICING" -

The owner gives you 3 free dress (I showed just one of them ) , skins, bracelet , platform sandals, bracelet for your leg and hair AND ALL FOR FREE!!

so just go and take it :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cute stuff and cute look

Well, Idid really hard work in PS this time (even that I don'nt have to do that, but it cool and fun , and i love to change the makeups on newbie skins , lol you will see what i mean)

That dress and skin from "Aoharo"-

They have there lucky chair (you have to camp for 100 Minutes to get the skin) and they are changing their skins pretty often , so if u got two or three of them, wait for more^^ , I used some old skin that I had in my inventory (and of course it didnt look like that ^_^ I changed the makeup and gave her more light lol )

(It wont tp you you to the right place, so just follow the red arrow)

(and the same thing here, just follow the red arrow :))

I just want to show you the different between the photo i worked on it in ps and the photo that was taken in sl :P
I would love to hear some comments :P
Thank you for reading it, Loving Angella Blinker :)
first of all the hair from ETD , here's the Slurl- follow the red arrow)
and if u want to see the photos bigger just click on it :PAND! DON'T FORGET TO JOIN THEIR GROUP! because the dress that i showed u (and the pants that u can find there) ,
I got the same things as gifts, but with different colors, so if you want double presents JOIN!! :DAnd please leave me some coments :D
Love ya All Angella Blinker :)

What NOT to Post - Shield the Eyes of Your Children and any Small Furry Animals

Okay, people. We all want to be helpful, but sending Serenity notices about every single freebie in the whole of SL is not helpful when they are FUgly.

Here's an example of what NOT to post. Be warned, it's pretty bad. Even my nice ass can't make it cute.

You see something like this, don't forward it on. And we'll all be happy. Just so you think I didn't make this up, here's where I got it from


Sunday, May 4, 2008

This Bitch Swooped my Chair

Okay, I know this has happened to you before, either in Lucky Chairs or Camping Chairs, but doesn't it piss you off every single time?

Yes? I thought so. So, I was at Magika, I had just finished camping a 100 minute chair, and I was flipping through the hairs, deciding which one I wanted to do next, when all of a sudden the hair flipped back the opposite direction and some bitch with a top hat appears all of a sudden in the seat.

So, I tried to talk with her in open chat. She ignored. I think she went AFK. BITCH! So, I did the only thing I could do, because you can't orbit someone when they are sitting down, I took her damn picture.

Has this happened to you? What resiliency strategies do you use so you don't get completely irate?

Ohh, and if you've never been here before... check it out. It's called Magika, and they are wonderfullll. Here's the slurl to the item camping section. Lots of items available for a 100 minute camp.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Flamingos in SoHo!

Top Row (L to R) Lerochelle Destiny, Kira McCallen, Flamingo Fred
Bottom Row (L to R) Bewkie Effingham, Serenity Semple, Uccello Poultry

It seemed like the whole Crew was in SoHo, New York for a Flamingo Hunt! Serenkitty reported 28 of the smelly birds. I found 27 and one humped my leg. It was so many you couldn't swing a dead dog without hitting one. But all-in-all we just had some great fun! The Hunt ended at Midnight so you can't go now, but I might tease you with some of the prizes in a later post. You might want to visit anyway as it is a pretty sim. If you like to scuba it would be a good way to kill about 30 minutes.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Dark Eden Item Camp

I can't say how much I heart Dark Eden! If you've never been they also have some awesome freebs in front of their store. But anymew, head to the Dark Eden Item Camp chairs inside the store.

Almost everyone loves shoes, even I luv Dark Eden's stuff cause almost all if not all are no trans. So I can mod it to my crazy huge feet. XD This is a 45 min camp but obviously well worth it.

The other item up for camp for 30 mins is the sweet belt which I think really matches the boots!

So this is Serenity campin' away here at Dark Eden! Come by and check out the sweet goods from this shop. ^^

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's in the Box? Monkey Bars!!!

Check it out! Awshum Monkey Bars from Weird Shit (That's the name of the store).