Saturday, May 24, 2008

Governor Linden Gives Freebies

So I popped into Bay City (SLurl) to grab the Freebies mentioned on the official SLblog and who did I find? Why it was Governor Linden! Sure, there is no "real" such person, but folks were pickled tink that she was there. Lucky Kitties Kira and Lerochelle begged to be teleported in to see the 'Supreme Overlord.' Also showing up was our 'Supreme Overlord' Serenity and Angela (not pictured below, but you can see her IM greeting to me).

Ms. Linden confirmed that the Mole avies used by the Linden Department of Public Works (wiki entry) were made by the very talented Wynx Whiplash. They got the avies free, but you can buy one at Extrovirtual.

Now if you are wondering why everyone is standing around, we were watching a Linden having trouble setting the box to be sold for L$0. Yep. The issue was mentioned on the official blog, too, but I figured it would be fixed by the time I got there. It wasn't, so I offered a free "giver' script. She declined my offer and put one of her own in -- then deleted it saying that a script showing her as the creator shouldn't be released in the wild. I choked back "But the script I'm happy to give you would deliver the contents in a folder without a copy of itself! And then folks wouldn't need to unpack the box!" Honestly, it is so hard to teach a Linden :::giggle:::

About the freebs ... some of the textures in the box are awesome! I look forward to using them. However, nearly every object that my wife rezzed from the pack was merely (oh! how can I put this politely?) ... Well, I'm sure that when I check the official work done by the moles it will be better than the mole-built freebies in the pack. Hey, I'm not a great builder (here's one), but get paid to do it by many who think I'm better than average. And these items were not quite up to being average.

Still, the freebs were generally nice and maybe I'm ultra picky. All-in-all, I do recommend heading out to get this Inventory-busting goodie (lots of stuff in the box). And if you see Governor Linden, say HI for me.