Saturday, May 3, 2008

Flamingos in SoHo!

Top Row (L to R) Lerochelle Destiny, Kira McCallen, Flamingo Fred
Bottom Row (L to R) Bewkie Effingham, Serenity Semple, Uccello Poultry

It seemed like the whole Crew was in SoHo, New York for a Flamingo Hunt! Serenkitty reported 28 of the smelly birds. I found 27 and one humped my leg. It was so many you couldn't swing a dead dog without hitting one. But all-in-all we just had some great fun! The Hunt ended at Midnight so you can't go now, but I might tease you with some of the prizes in a later post. You might want to visit anyway as it is a pretty sim. If you like to scuba it would be a good way to kill about 30 minutes.