Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where the Heck did this come from?

Knowing what an object "really" is or knowing who made it can be very handy. For example, the Isle of Lesbos prohibits weapons and some ladies frequently try to tell us "but, hon, it's only decorative!" Or you don't want to ask someone where they got that nifty doohickyjiggerthingy they are wearing but you want one so badly you'll melt without it.

This is where "Inspect" comes in handy. Simply right-click on the object (sorry, doesn't work with mesh layers like skin or clothes) and choose More. If you don't see Inspect in the next menu, choose More again then choose Inspect. A window pops up showing the name of each prim, who owns them, and the creator of each prim.

If you want to visit the creator's shop, click the See Creator Profile ... button and check their Picks or Classified.

Second Life's™ own Torley Linden has a video tutorial demonstrating this feature on YouTube. And an earlier post on this blog describes a similar technique for gathering the same info. But no matter which way you do it, gathering the information can be quite useful. If only to keep you from melting.