Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free Shaun!

To heck with Willy ... Free Shaun! The adorable sheep from Wallace & Gromit fame (Web) is available as a free backpack! Head to Abbey Island (an Adult region; SLurl) and get yours today. The pic also shows some free sunglasses and free "socks" to give you dirty feet and shin owchies. Upstairs is a free but filthy bathtub. Likely that was set as free by mistake because the other fixtures are L$20 each, but I'm not gonna argue as I dropped nearly L$2000 in the shop today.

Nocc. Lucky Board

New lucky board at another shop of Nocc. This board changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.


SyDs Group Lucky Board

New group lucky board at Petit Pas Mall, and prize from SyDs for flowery hair. Board changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.


Nocc. Group Lucky Board

At the Petit Pas Mall (Join the group to be able to win tons of prizes from lucky boards). Nocc added a new lucky board prize. Board changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^


*Pop Feel* Limited Lucky Board

New limited time lucky board at *Pop Feel* for a kimono/obi based combination with shawl. Board changes every 10 mins and tons of goodies to check out too. Goodluck. ^^


Bad Witch House

L$100 value "Bad Witch House" in the Midnight Mania (100 slaps needed) at Netherworld (SLurl). Also onsite is a five-minute unLucky Chair featuring a black mini-dress and a dollarbie box of goodies. Looks like a good stop for Halloween stuff! Prices are very reasonable.

M*Motion Lucky Board

New lucky board from M*Motion for some cute outfits. Board changes every 3 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^


Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Clean Fun?

Poza Mart (SLurl) has a cute item in it's lucky board and several boxes of freebies right next to it. Click the wall-mounted "Next Free" sign for another sim with freebies ... looks like the "Web Ring" concept but for places in Second Life.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

[name pending] Midnight Mania


WoE Lucky Chair

This is a 10 minute timer on the chair.

Glam Affair Lucky Board

Timer on Board is 5 minutes.

Mother Goose Lucky Boards

The Boards have a 5 minute Timer

Friday, August 27, 2010

:::Regalo:::TATTOO Group Lucky Boards and Dollarbies

Timer on Boards are 10 minutes

Kouse's Sanctum Midnight Mania


SereliCious&Rockstar Clothing MM Boards & LC for Men & Women

I had to take the picture from the roof!
Chair Timers are 5 minutes.

KK BB Designs Lucky Boards

Timer on Boards are set for 10 minutes.

E'Dior Lucky Chairs & Subscriber Gifts

Chairs have a 30 minute timer.
Chair #1 - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cladne%20Island/175/80/271
Chair #2 - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cladne%20Island/174/119/271
Subscriber has 2 gifts inside. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cladne%20Island/172/88/271

Pure Poison Subscriber Gift, MM, and Lucky Boards

Lucky Boards have a 10 minute Timer. Subscriber has a free SKIN named Karen.
Midnight Mania board is up front, and they are also part of different promo groups throughout the week. Enjoy.

Front of the Store for MM & Subscriber
Back of the Store for Lucky Boards

Pinky Gals Lucky Board

New lucky board at Pinky Gals for a lovely white ruffle top. Board changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Goodluck.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

T & T DESIGNS MM Board & Dollarbies


There is also a Female & Male Shape Dollarbies in the window by the entrance.


McSkin Lucky Board

New lucky board at McSkin for a female skin. Board changes every 10 mins with wildcards, and past goodies available as well. Goodluck.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ray Skin Lucky Board

New lucky board at Rayskin for a hair and outfit combo. Board changes every 5 mins with wildcards and tons of great goodies around too. Goodluck. ^^


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three Lucky Chairs at DUH

You will find shoes, boots, and accessories on these three chairs for both men and women. The chairs have a 10 minute timer. Also FREE GROUP GIFT in SUBSCRIBER by the front door as well.

A couple hunts going on, so check the door by the entrance to see what they are part of.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Hal*Hina Group Lucky Board

New group lucky board at Hal*Hina for a blond hairstyle, the board changes every 10 mins with wildcards. Don't forget their anniversary is coming up soon as well. Goodluck.


MM Run Time!

Just a couple MMs to check out, especially since I haven't blogged any in awhile. ^^ Goodluck and thanks for helping.

Weird (But Neat!) Snorkle Bunny Avatar and Dana Blue Gown at Grim Bros. (lucky board nearby here and many goodies too)


Sage Naruto Full Cosplay set at Bushido (which has a closing sale and a neat chair too)


Pink Fairy Outfit from Sweet Poison (you can also get this from the profile pics)


Group MM for Triton's Daughter Mermaid Set Arista (also lots of goodies and sale going on here)


Group MM for Undefined Outfit and Normal MM for Splatter Elf Outfit (chairs near the store entrance)


Barbara in Pewter from Nefarious (also chairs nearby too)


Gor Gets Jumpy 2 Outfit from Gorgirls (also chairs nearby)


Wynx Faerie Pony Follower (lucky board nearby)


Sculpted Stegosarus from Neon Frog


Romantic Dinner for 2 Set at Aphrodite


Group MM for an Alcoholic Beverage Fat Pack and Trans at Aphrodite


Group MM for Older Style Alcoholic Beverage Box at Aphrodite


Shuttle Bug Vehicle at Sooden's Sculpties


Bubble Guppy Mermaid Fatpack (item camps, lucky boards, and many goodies available nearby)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Risusipo Limited Lucky Board

These usually last a limited time so make sure to check them out soon. Each board changes every 5 mins with wildcards but make sure to check out the other goodies nearby. Goodluck. ^^



Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pri*Pat*Cho Lucky Stars Boards

New lucky stars boards (based on your rez day in SL) at Pri*Pat*Cho for Power Puff Girls themed plushies to hold. Boards change every 10 mins and past goodies available too. Goodluck.


[ Alt ] Pet/Game

S.I.C49 has a new system that's a mixture of pets and battling. Almost like pokemon in a sense but it's really cute and just plain neat. ^^ Check out the website for more info. http://www.versionbeta.jp/alt/index.html

You can also head here and pick up your pet, it only costs L$1 to get started. You can buy food, earn points, lots of fun. Check it out at least. ^^


Risusipo Lucky Boards

These usually last a limited time so make sure to check them out soon. Each board changes every 5 mins with wildcards but make sure to check out the other goodies nearby. Goodluck. ^^



Ribbon Lucky Board

New lucky board prizes at Ribbon. They change every 5 mins with wildcards. Goodluck. ^^


Friday, August 20, 2010

Arai/Harumari Convention Center Lucky Board

New lucky board at the Harumari Convention Center (think of it like an anime convention), Arai has a prize that is his new see through school uniform outfit. Board changes every 20 mins, with wildcards, and you can also buy it if you don't want to wait. I apologize for the censorship. ^^; Goodluck.