Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Ride Halloween!

New freebs at Last Ride, yes that is Solid Snake with snacks. XDDDD

New Halloween Lucky Board with adorable jewelry. ^^

And new noms outside as well!

R&Y Lucky Boards

Some cute lucky boards at R&Y by their dollarbies in the middle. One is for a cute corset and bouquet with animation.

Another is for a cute camisole set in a variety of colors.

Absence Lucky Boards

New lucky boards from Absence for a cute halloween chair for a wooden table set.

Lycee Feelings Halloween Goodies

At Lycee Feelings now you can find a little Halloween shop spot. ^^

They have some adorable bags for L$10 each, I just couldn't resist with the adorable noms!

A lovely dress set with accessories for L$50

Also a cute lucky board that changes every 3 mins for a halloween exclusive outfit. ^^

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Schoen Group Gachapon & Cheapie

Thankies to my friend, Arianna, who told me about this. ^^ There's a new group only gachapon for adorable mouth bunnies - L$5 a turn.

Also a new cheapie halloween dress for L$10. Really cute and so many other goodies at Schoen too. ^^

LP Maze Mall Lucky Boards

My buddy, Gertie, pointed out some very cool lucky boards at LP Maze Mall. Most change about every 5-10 mins with wildcards. ^^

Pop*Feel Item Camp

Lucky Hearts are now gone unfortunately at Pop*Feel. But they have been replaced with item camps. You can camp for 20 mins for the halloween kimono Obi (middle waist piece). 25 mins for the halloween kimono. Or 10 mins for the halloween geta (the kimono japanese sandals) in the main store. ^^

Meanwhile the item camp for the broom chair is located in the Pop*Feel kimono shop, almost across the street from the main shop. The lucky board with holdable candy bag is still available in the lucky board.

Ruru@Pino Item Camp

New halloween camp at Ruru @ Pino, camp for 10 mins and get either a unique hat or an adorable halloween hair arrangement.

Also make sure to wander around the maze set up of the new mall for some other goodies and great buys. ^^

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tochigi Japan Limited Goodies

So Tochigi Japan is having a limited amount goodie, it looks like this little pumpkin but you will have to find it. Only about 100 people are getting this gift so make sure to be fast like the bunny prize itself. I won't tell you where it is but this is what it looks like. ;3

Also there are limited time halloween lucky boards available here. Which change every 15 mins.

And more limited time lucky boards available here as well.

Click HERE to Teleport to the BlueSeed Halloween Lucky Boards!

Click HERE to Teleport to the other Lucky Boards!

Runs With Scissors

Quite possibly my new favorite *almost* freebie is my new find of the "Ran With Scissors" giant scissors to stick outta your head from Enigma. For only 1L these are great for hours of lulz. ^^

Sunday, September 20, 2009

*KOPI* Cute Lucky Board

New lucky board at *KOPI*, it's an adorable jam seat with multiple poses and such. Just too cute to pass up! The board changes every 10 mins and the prize is transfer too. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to *KOPI*!

Pop*Feel Halloween Event

Pop*Feel is having a halloween event. The way it works is they have lucky hearts, the hearts have a letter above them. If it's your letter, click it and win. ^^

The heart in the main store's prize is a kimono. While the two hearts outside are for a kimono stand. You'll also find a lucky board here and at all the other Pop*Feel branchs for a cute candy basket as well. Goodluck! ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to Pop*Feel!

Love*Soul It's a Secret!

As many lucky chair watchers of Love*Soul know, there are many secret prizes to be had. You can win them from various chairs around Love*Soul. They're not all in any one chair, you will need to explore.

Luckily there is a map by the main lucky chair when you tp in. But to make things a little easier and to know what you may be missing out on, here's a list. ^^

Secret 1 - Candy Head Blue
Secret 2 - Lollipop Head Blue
Secret 3 - Strawberry Head w/Fork
Secret 4 - Strawberry Head
Secret 5 - Strawberry Basket Head
Secret 6 - Candy Head Yellow
Secret 7 - Lollipop Head Yellow
Secret 8 - Cherry Head
Secret 9 - Hairstyle Popie
Secret 10 - Lollipop Head Dotted Pink
Secret 11 - Candy Head Dotted Pink
Secret 12 - Lollipop Skull Purple
Secret 13 - Watermelon Head
Secret 14 - Lollipop Candy Watermelon
Secret 15 - Flying Watermelon A
Secret 16 - Watermelon on Mouth
Secret 17 - Lollipop Candy Skull Pink
Secret 18 - Lollipop Candy Skull Blue
Secret 19 - Lollipop Candy Skull Red
Secret 20 - Lollipop Candy Skull Gray
Secret 21 - Japanese Rice Cracker Nori
Secret 22 - Smiley Face Flower Pink Nails
Secret 23 - Smile Flower Pink Ring
Secret 24 - Smile Face Flower Pink Earrings

LE Secret 1 - Purple Pumpkin Lollipop
LE Secret 2 - Orange Pumpkin Lollipop
LE Secret 3 - Pumpkin Pudding Wearble
LE Secret 4 - Halloween Polaroid 2
LE Secret 5 - Halloween Polaroid

Click HERE to Teleport to Love*Soul!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shiver My Timbers Limited Freeb Tonight Only

At BareRose there will be an EGL pirate event, DJed by yours truely, at 8pm. The event goes from 8pm SLT till about 9:30pm SLT. The hostess will be handing out this Pirate Princess Type 2 to those who attend. Then the outfit will be for sale later on the next day or so. ^^
(Note - Different Hat included than the one shown here)

Click HERE to Teleport to the EGL Pirate Party!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Voltage Cafe Gachapon!

Cute new halloween gachapon at Voltage Cafe. These are little whistles and so cute. You click them while wearing to make a noise and animate. There's a couple different types to get and it's L$10 a turn.

I got lucky and got the SuperRare on my first try. Goodluck all!

Click HERE to Teleport to Voltage Cafe!

MM's & MMG's Lucky Board

New prize, pumpkin candy box (which ish adorable!) at MM's & MMG's. Also past goodies and other lucky boards here. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to MM's & MMG's!

Albero Gacha Festival

The Albero Gacha Fest started this morning and with great stores like Katat0nik, *mocorin*, Pdiddle, and tons of others here with Gacha as cheap as L$10 make sure you stop by before Oct. 31st to get your gacha goodies ^^ While my favorite has to be the Katat0nik katty purses with the gun and katty doll, i can't get enough of the Halloween juiceboxes from *mocorin* either ^^

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kawaii Piniata Fun ^^

This could quite possibly be the most fun freeb getting device that I have seen yet. Sure, the gatchapons are fun but the piniata adds the fun element of beating the crap out of something to get your freebie (which come on admit it, we would all I'm sure be able to think of a lucky chair we could use a stick with streamers to beat mercilessly lol). The prizes available in the demo piniata at Fat Candy are 4 different kawaii rings from Violet Voltaire. This game is so additive and these rings are so cute you have to go check it out ^^ Pics of all 4 rings available (here).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ClockShop Katase/EOT's Lucky Stars Updated

Wow so while ya may look at these and go ugh, furniture. I'll just make one note that they pretty amazing. If you look at the far left prize in the lucky star board you'll notice a table set. Pretty normal, ne? Well the really cool part is that it's 1 prim. Now, the even neater thing is - you can seat 16 people on that one prim! ^^ The other prizes are just as neat. Hope ya come check it out!

Click HERE to Teleport to ClockShop Katase/EOT's Lucky Stars Boards!

Leo+o Gachapon

Really cute nom gachapon at Leo+o! Multiple things to win about 23 variations of noms and furniture. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to Leo+o!

Voltage Cafe Limited Lucky Boards

For a limited time at Voltage Cafe, they have lucky boards! With such adorable goodies. They change about every 5 mins. Also the items are for sale if you don't want to wait. ^^

Click HERE to teleport to Voltage Cafe!

*Mocorin* Halloween Gachapon

New Gachapon at *Mocorin* for Halloween goodies, L$20 a turn and oh so cute! Past ones and other goodies available here too. ^^

Click HERE to teleport to *Mocorin*!

Monday, September 14, 2009

S/D Main Shop Goods!

So S/D Shop has been busy since the original post in the crew notices. They have a whole new store build. ^^

Also behind the sign at the entrance is freeb poop on a stick and a baseball bat. XD

But there's the past freeb hats and some nice stuff for sale.

New freeb umbrellas, even a freeb one and cute dolls for sale.

A free tiny avatar which is sooo cute, also more goodies for sale.

And more accessories to customize your tiny avatar as well as another freeb. ^^

Click HERE to Teleport to S/D!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love Soul Halloween!

New updated prizes in the chair of course, so I'll be living here for awhile. XD

New goodies for sale

Updated Prize Picks

And hopefully more to come. ;3

Click HERE to Teleport to Love Soul!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

N3F Gachapon!

One of the cutest shops in SL, N3F has a new gachapon for paints for your mouth! It's L$5 a turn but there's 47 colors in all, unfortunately they're no trans so no trading. Also the past gachapon for cute toothbrush is next to it for L$10 a turn. And also past goodies and group gift here. ^^

I got lucky and got a light blue for my first one. ^^

Click HERE to teleport to N3F!

KDC Mall Group Lucky Boards

Just a couple heads up that there are some updated and a new shop lucky board at KDC, you need to join the group to be able to win but you get a group invite on arrival anyway. Goodluck. ^^

Click HERE to go to KDC Mall!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Double Paradox YumYum Group Gift of Win

So awesome gift from DP* YumYum, join the group and check past notices for this fun of nom gift! XD

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alles Klar Gachapon & Lucky Board

New Gachapon and Lucky Board at Alles Klar, they have various noms and just fun things available! L$30 a turn and transfer items in the gachapon that range from noms to furniture, also just a fun store if you've never been. ^^

Click HERE to teleport to Alles Klar!