Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lucky Chair Language

I love when Lucky Chairs spell out words. I was at Austie Pegler's shop Reasonable Desires (SLurl) and caught these:

Great freebies at Sanura Snowpaw's Dreams shop near these chairs. More chairs inside Austie's store. The RD Clearance Outlet (SLurl) has some fab stuff for guys and girls.

The real fun is at the Mysterious Pyramid of Death (SLurl). Solve all the clues and you can win a really cool "themed" outfit.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Boxed Heroes Limited Lucky Chairs

Time to break out your barbarian side (plus cool mask) with the new Avatars available in the chairs until Sunday from Boxed Heroes. Goodluck!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

*Epic* Lucky Chair Fairy Me Away!

New lucky chair prize at *Epic* for a cute new fairy outfit called Tinkerbell Animal Talent Fae. Many goodies always available as well. ^^

*Edit - Apparently was removed sometime on 10/30*

OtakuDzNs FCFS Hunt

Tiny little pumpkins are hidden all around OtakuDzNs for a limited time, this is a First Come First Serve Hunt. That means who finds it, has to pick it up and keep it. (Try to be nice btw and leave some for others) These are nice items that they sell in the shop too. Round one starts now, the 2nd round will occur on Halloween. Goodluck. ^^

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OtakuDzNs Lucky Chair o'Awesome

Many people may not know about OtakuDzNs, it's a one shop location but to the fans of anime/manga it knows how to drag you in. XD But mostly this post is about the lucky chair that the owner has set out and spoiled people with. It contains almost a copy of everything he sells! Now I have to admit I've been stalkin this chair for awhile and sometimes it can be hard to get what you're after but it does change every 20 mins and has many wildcards. So just hang in there (or hang out with me as I'm desperate for that VK Day Class Male Uniform XD)

These are some of the prizes you can get. ^^

Female Outfits

Male Outfits

Hair, Shoes, and Accessories

Female Skins (Censor Bars Added to Avoid Nudity)

Male Skins (Censor Bars Added to Avoid Nudity)



They're all no trans but it's nice to see the mix up of male and female items. Also if you get tired of watching the chair the items are always for sale up on the wall. ^^

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DownDownDown NomNomNom!

New halloween gachapon from DownDownDown with some spooky halloween noms. L$13 a turn and some creepy cool stuff. ^^

Halloween Skin Hunt

One of my favorite hunts going on right now is the Halloween Witch Hat Hunt at Frick. Hunt out 10 1L witch hats for 9 skins and one corset dress. All of the skins have beautiful eye makeup that would be great for Halloween, fall, or anytime if you're like me lol. A quick fun hunt, and a great break from all those tedious gridwides going on right now X_X I certainly reccommend this one ^^

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Itoh Clinic Limited Lucky Board

New limited time lucky board from Itoh Clinic for a cute little witch bunny friend. It changes about every 5 mins, past goodies are around the store as well. ^^

Leo+o Limited Lucky Board

New limited time lucky board from Leo+o for a cute flowery muffler. Very limited time make sure to check it out soon.

Asakusa 108 Halloween Hunt

Asakusa 108 is having a hunt for halloween! First you'll want to start off at the beginning and get your HUD from the black sign with example.

Pretty much you're first hunting out 15 little candies.

Then once you find those hunt out 15 pumpkins, and click them to get a visit from the Pumpkin King. He will take your candy offering and give you a key in return.

Those 15 keys? Go to those 15 chests you saw at the beginning for 15 various prizes. The hunt takes part on the Asakusa 108 sim and the Downtown 108 sim next to it, goodluck! ^^

So the prizes hnn...

Ichigo-Ya's prize is a Pink Kimono

Another Prize is a small japanese build

FP has a sofa set prize with special pudding chairs

Poporu's prize is some purple fairy wings with small particle effect

Hanashigure has a prize of necklace with 3 sets of halloween fans (with particle

108 Dragons prize is a happy halloween candle tip jar

Shop VAS has a halloween toadstool chair

Poporin Cafe's prize is a pumpkin and matching fabric stool

Honey Spoon's prize is ice cocoa, halloween style with spoon

Random Kitten's (one of my faves) is a halloween cart you can drag behind ya. ^^

Kokoro's prize is cute halloween accessories

Yuriwakemade's prize is a halloween panda tiny avatar

Mocha & Sakura's prize is a halloween witch outfit

There's also a creepy doll avatar with kimono from Naminoke and a thong set for guys and girls from *FG* but I didn't feel like blogging it. XD Ya guys get the idea

Edelweiss Group Lucky Board!

Lovely new set of PJs for sale for 20% off for a limited time from Edelweiss, and also a limited time lucky board for special halloween version of the PJs. You'll also find a lucky board for last years really nice demon/devil headband too. Goodluck! ^^

Friday, October 23, 2009

Amerie's New Limited Lucky Boards

Newly added limited time lucky boards at Amerie, for the two witch dresses. You can find the boards here -

Black Witch Dress Boards -

And White Witch Dress Boards -

Boxed Heroes Strikes Again!

I love when Boxed Heroes has these limited time chairs and the goodies just blow me away! This timing for this new release was perfect for the Nightmare Eden event (OMFG THANK YOU SN@TCH FOR THAT EVENT DX IT RAWKS)

So rush yer buns down to Boxed Heroes and win the white scratched/blood stained cyber type suits from Boxed Heroes~!

Here's the info from the notecard. ^^

First release of the new BOXED HEROES era :P
IANOS AVATARS, male and female version.
The avatars include: shape, skin, eyes, hair (just the female one), cyber suit and boots (with colorchange HUD).
They have a full body cyber suit available in SEVEN colors: black, green, light blue, orange, strawberry, white and white scratched (all of them in a pack).
They also include upper arm attachments: Ianos logo and several flags (Spain, UK, France, Germany and USA). Sorry for the flags missing, but we just wanted to give some examples so that you can add your own logo. We included the textures as an example.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

ST-ROOMS Halloween Quest

I can't express how much I enjoy these halloween adventures the japanese are putting out. This one is a little more complicated than the past ones but still fun. First click the rotating box by the entrance and recieve your gear that you will need to wear to do this hunt. ^^

Then you will need to hunt out 12 little ghosts hidden around ST-ROOMs Mall, there are many goodies for sale here too while you hunt. Click them to register you found them on your HUD.

Once you have found all 12 make your way to the stairs in the back leading to the 2nd floor, if the door says occupied do not click it! It means someone else is there. But once you do...

You will need to fight the boss! You need to hit him 10 times with your staff that you were given at the beginning. Once you do a door will appear that you click to go to the treasure room.

Once at the treasure room, there's so much good stuff to be had! Goodluck! ^^