Saturday, January 17, 2009

The REAL LKC Population

An invite was sent to prospective Lucky Kitty Crew (LKC) member #1589 this morning. It got me thinking "How many members do we really have?" because this was an alt of an existing member. In the picture at left at least two of the avies you see are me but only one of us is in the Crew. However, a 3rd other alt of mine is a Lucky Kitty so our rolls really stand at no more than 1587 if we count butts parked in front of keyboards and not these two alts.

Well, even less than 1587. I know of at least a half-dozen alts in the LKC. I don't want to out anyone, but I know several of your alts, sometimes by accident, sometimes because you told me. Why you have an alt is your business. I keep one, as mentioned in other posts on this blog, for storage. One of the girls in this pic is my storage alt. I keep another because she manages groups for me and is a good safety log-in for when Second Life® issues manage to keep my main account from logging in or functioning. Some of you know her because I don't hide her, but I don't necessarily advertise that she is me (or am I her ... we fight over that all the time).

What I don't understand -- at least not completely -- are the alts that have been added to the Crew just to gather more stuff. These are not the alts made just to bump a long-wait chair (ever wonder why we have so many Q, U, W, X, & Z members?) but ones that are actually out there to acquire more wealth. Sure, sometimes I'm logged in as my other self for business or a little recreation and she happens to snag a great prize that is useful at our home or the Isle of Lesbos or other places we work. But like me, she seldom keeps the things she wins, either transferring or deleting them.

So why the alts? And how many are there in the LKC? If the number is substantial I would feel awful funny when I brag that we are one of the largest independent shopping/freebie groups in-world. Feel free to leave a comment.


Uccie Poultry said...

Didn't wanna put this in the main post: At least three of the U names in our rolls are alts.

Rika Watanabe said...

Incidentally, U is the rarest letter in names - not Q, X or Y. :)

Unknown said...

Another post that makes me go hmmmm. Of course I'm an alt, as people have been accusing me of it since my rez But honestly, after naming my first avi after the bottled water I was drinking, when I signed up. I really wasnt thinking of a name that I thought would represent me.

Of course I also did not realize how in-depth I would become with sl either. I think this name suits me much better ;)

I however love my new alt, very low inventory, way less lag. I maybe a basic player, but my first avi is not, so she holds all the I have also bought most things for my alt, But I am not going to deny, that it is much easier when Chair Hopping.

But I am the type to buy things, rather than stand around and wait for a chairs letter to change, I am very impatient, thats why I cant get that darn flying Lollypop! But I do admit if I see a U in chat, being announced a few times, I do hop the chair as I know how frustrating it can be to stand and wait for your letter to come up, for something you really want, and can sometimes not afford, or its just an item only available by lucky chair.

Therefore, I could probably go without being in a lucky chair group most likely, but you'd have to pry my cold dead kitty paws from this Its the people that keep me in it, the constant chatter and comradery, that make sense? I dunno, maybe I need more coffee....hehe.

MeganK Draper said...

Well.. I have alts but only my main is in the group which is unfortunate because I miss all the fun group conversations when i'm logged on to the others. I would only join the group on the alts that I actually play though. It's not like i'm going to be sending out requests from my storage alt. That does indeed seem pointless lol

Kira McCallen said...

I have 4 alts that are all members of the LKC and available at any time for chair bumping. I use them as storage alts, mostly, but every once in a blue moon break them out and play for a day.

I had them join the LKC because I didn't want to miss group chat or notices while logged on as them. Also, because my main is really bogged down with Subscribe-O's, IMs, Group Notices, Notecards, and an inventory the size of small countries, it's easier to keep track of Serenity's Group Notices to email on my ALT's email.