Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coke Supply's Alien

The famous (infamous?) Coke Supply is still selling her sculpty-free 1675 prim Alien avatar for just L$1 (SLurl). You might have seen the group notice for it or heard me ranting about it from time to time. I remember when she first built one for Burning Life '07 (Web) and when she gave a nearly finished one to me last September (Web). Right now she's working on an Alien-Preditor hybrid (see pic). The head is more than 400 prims by itself.

FYI ... no Animation override yet. And get to that SLurl quick ... long story, but the sim might get de-rezzed at any moment. Coke has another vendor on the Oasis of Lesbos, but I don't have an SLurl for it.