Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Urban Grungy Durtiness!

Big thanks to Cutey Magic for shouting out about URBAN SPIRIT MAINSTORE and all the wonderful urban/grungy/neko freebies it has available. There is an entire floor of freebies ranging from grungy neko hang out couch to a full durty public bathroom.

Also be sure to check out Rags to Riches, home of "Viral Universal Freebie Venders." The contents in these boxes are free open source items created by Arcadia Asylum for the Urban Blight project. Do what you want with them but you cannot resell them or anything with her name on it. I've used a lot of these freebies for .... ummm .... decorating? And for taking pics. I love them because they have great textures and they are mod so I can tweak them for my needs. Also look around because I don't think everything is in the vendors. INVENTORY CONTROL TIP: Take a copy of each vendor. Then when you need to decorate you can rez the vendor and pull out just the items you need.

When you're done at Arcadia's place you can walk a little to the Northeast (careful, sim crossing) to De Fuckups punkrockgenerator. Just inside the door to the right is a box of free items from DeFuckups including some amplifiers, record player, dirty mattress with poses AND a sausage cart. WOW!!

Pawn shop drop off with winirose
If you're aware of any other freebie urban grunge places I'd love to know about them. Drop a comment here to share with the crew! Have fun and watch out for the fleas. eewwwwww!!


Uccie Poultry said...

Great tip about the vendors. I should have thought of that since that's exactly what I did when I found them a while ago. These items are fabulous and a keen eye will see bits of them used all over Second Life. Thanks, Queen!

Alroger Filho said...

Thank you. I'm also look for textures... like old building and stores! So hard to find...