Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Featured LKC Member Shop: Myrtle Spyker

Lucky Kitty Myrtle Spyker contacted me today about the grand opening of Skin Tight, her new shop in the Paris New York region (SLurl; follow the red direction arrow). It's an attractive store and I was sorely tempted to lay down on one of the massage tables. Fear of n00bie hands, though, kept me rooted while I watched the Lucky Chair.

The vendor pics are clear and rez quickly. Click the larger part for a free demo skin or any of the makeups below for a single style (L$1000) or a "MAKEUP PACK" sign for the skin with five styles. Each skin comes with free prim eyelashes and brows in two styles. That means the big pack actually has ten skins!

To help celebrate she has placed "an exclusive limited edition valentines day skin in the lucky chair" in the back of the store (10 minute cycle and as far as I can tell the letter U is missing). And a "bottle" near the front of the store has free shorts.