Monday, February 9, 2009

Secret Lucky Chair List EXPOSED

Hidden deep in the bowels (ewwww!) of the Interwebs is a secret list of Lucky Chairs (and other Shep Korvin products), the prizes, and SLurl teleport links to each for the elite freebie seekers in Second Life©®℠™. Clearly, the Powers That Be don't want us mere mortals (and nekos, furries, immortals, demons, elves, thingoids, etc.) to know about it. Click the picture to see it live, but first keep in mind that not all chairs in-world are connected to the list at this time. Documents I've found show that the systematic takeover of chairs is on a voluntary basis for now, but who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (Shep, to be specific!)? Another secret site (Web) lists info on how those in the know can join the initial stages of this "revolution." Best study the information well and be aware of the Inventory clogging effect use of this evil scheme may have. I can see how it could break the asset servers and leave us all nekkid, forced to buy new clothes.