Friday, May 14, 2010

:Glamorize: MM, Freebs, and Cheapies


Visit :Glamorize: to slap this MM for the shown outfit (in multiple layers), and while you're there, investigate these men's and women's free shapes and this set of free eyes:


But that's not the best part about this store: what you might think is a *really* good sale is in fact their always awesome, low, *low* prices! Everything in the store is around $2-5L! The priciest thing in the store is a set of 18 men's skins for $75L.


Guess how much those "princess pack" skins are? $20L! And the complete avatars (minus hair) are only $10L--the one on the left comes with the horns too. Most of the things in the store are dollarbies--individual skins (men's and women's) are $2L each, shapes are dollarbies, and copy/mod ones are $5L. There's also similarly priced men's and women's clothes.