Monday, May 31, 2010

Glam Affair Group Lucky Board

Thankies to M4ri1yn for the heads up on this sweet lucky board giftage going on at Glam Affair. ^^ For the next couple months there's an avatar type setup that will be available in the group (costs L$50 to join) at Glam Affair. Currently it's the dress in the board (my fave btw XD) and it changes every 10 mins with wildcards, but for the first couple days it's set at 5 mins. Goodluck. ^^

"After years of successful enterprise, Glam Affair wants to say thank you to our loyal Customers with three special gifts: a dress, a skin and an hairstyle.

The first gift is -Glam Affair- Malaika, a special dress done with love and attention. You'll find a totally new concept regarding the wearability of the article: the shadow layers, created for a perfect and impeccable fit.

The gifts will be delivered to our Customers via Lucky Board that will start to run on Monday June 1st with the gift #1.The prize will be changed in July (prize #2= the skin) and August (prize #3= the hairstyle) and the articles will be never sold.

In order to redeem the prize the Customer needs to be in - Glam Affair Updates - Group secondlife:///app/group/ef8be113-2c1c-27e7-67c9-d59069d4947d/about (the group ha a join fee of 50L$ to avoid spammers) and the waiting time will beset on 10 minutes."