Friday, June 25, 2010

SL7B: More Freebies

The Second Life Birthday Exhibitors were asked to submit landmarks and descriptions of their event gifts for a big list in large part because I started to informally organize such a thing and that upset people. Before I was asked to stop, I got a few landmarks so I'm off to visit them and report to you. So here we go with a few I've been able to visit:

  • Sheep Wagon (SLurl) A cute little vehicle that lets you drive around with a sheep for a passenger.
  • Tree of Knowledge (SLurl) Various freebies in a box, such as clothes, toys, custions, and more. Also, get a free (7 Seas) Fish.
  • Horse Events Group (SLurl)Really cute seahorses you can ride whether you are a mermaid/merman or not.
  • A Cacophony of Influences (SLurl) Strawberry earring and necklace from Sanu and other great gifts!
  • Sentinel Mountains (SLurl) Mediation Ball and Food Tray
  • GRT meets ART (SLurl) Personal thunderstorm
  • Organic Machines (SLurl) Mini Seeing Eye
  • Party Hat and Antlers (SLurl) Free SL7B "jester"-style party hat. Look around for party antlers and other goodies.
  • Lesbos@SL7B (SLurl) Various art pieces and some floaty toobs for your pond or pool.
  • Aero Pines (SLurl) Several mer tails for men and women with AOs! Really cool exhibit to see.
I'll try to post more as I get to them, but get out there and explore! If you see some, post comments here so others can get them, too!