Sunday, June 20, 2010

SL7B Gifts and Freebies

Second Life's seventh birthday is upon us, opening at 10am SLT on the 21st, and there are many, many gifts amongst all the wonderful builds. Exhibitors were asked to submit a landmark, picture, and description of their gift(s) for distribution and Lucky Kitty Crew members can find a copy in the group's Past Notices by the time they see this post. Or contact me in-world for your own copy. Highlights include:
  • rideable sea horses with matching mer-tails and lots of vehicles
  • nice dress from A Touch of Ireland plus more clothes all over
  • confetti cannon and sculpture and other fun toys
  • giant shared media player
  • Hobo Train Engine and other unique creations
  • artwork and floaty toobs from the Isle of Lesbos
  • poofers, hats, food, toys ... tons of stuff
The official blog of SL7B (Web) has loads of useful information, machinma, and pictures of the event. Check out this Flickr page for fabulous pictures from around the various sims. Be sure to visit Bear Island (SLurl) to see all the Linden Bears and pick some up, free ... even plushy Linden Moles! The various official exhibits have gifts and freebies, too, such as hats and food and more bears. Get updates on Twitter and Plurk, too. When I run through the exhibits and my current LMs for parcels I'll post more for the Crew. Now get out and explore!