Thursday, December 16, 2010

Discord Design Dollarbie (Special Time Offer!)

I must confess, the response to the release of the EFB01 style instore has been quite surprising. It sold better than I thought it ever would - so I took it upon myself to make it available in Natural White on the Second Life Marketplace:

Purchase it here. ^^

Now here's the thing. I wasn't going to release this style for sale in all colors... BUT... I'll go ahead and make the rest of the textures, create the remaining 34 colorways and GIVE THEM AWAY FREE IN THE SUBSCRIBEOMATIC if the 1000th unit of the EFB01 in white sells on the Marketplace before midnight on the 18th of December 2010. I'll also look at making some flexi braids to have available instore for early in the new year.

Sounds good? All you need to do is follow the link, spend a Linden, tell your friends and get them to do the same; and have the[m] join the subscribeomatic if they're not already on the list.If I see 1000 sales confirmations before the end of Friday, I'll get these styles out for you by Christmas. OK - it sounds like a lot, but bear in mind there are nearly SIX thousand of you receiving this notecard... it's certainly possible...

So make sure to pick this piece up ASAP and get on their suscribe-o. ^^