Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glad Rags - Goodies

From Lucky Chair, Group Gifts, Freebies, to Dollarbies..

The best thing I can do is tell you what is here, and the Landmark sends you to the entrance to the store.

1. Top floor, there is a vendor on the wall that has boots, tennis shoes, flats for sale for 1L until end of the month.

2. First floor entrance, has a group gift of Ghost Busters and Halloween Dollarbies all in the center of it, I only showed you a sample. Behind it on the same floor by the group invite is a Halloween Gift of a Witches Costume. Don't forget to get a bite of the Lucky Cupcake or click on the Subscriber!

3. Bottom floor, has a lucky chair, dollarbie eye tattoos, and a dollarbie ridable scooter. There is a NEW Rider outfit (Unisex) nearby in different colors as well for 1L.