Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sweet Poison Lucky Crates

Really nice discovery by my friend Uccello for the new lucky crates at Sweet Poison. The crates have dozens of prizes (I don't even know if I managed to get pics of them all). But the coolest thing about them is that they judge letters by your first and last name - example: Example Namething (You can win when the crates ask for either E or N). ^^ They change at unknown times though I'd guess about every 10 mins or so, and also have a wildcard where anyone can win. You don't get all the colors but even a single color of some of these outfits are great. Also if you are more lucky with Mini Manias, they have all these prizes in their Mini Mania right nearby. Also don't forget their freebs, cheapies, MM, Profile Picks, and Group gifts. Goodluck! ^^