Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Isle of Lesbos Hunt: Halloween Devil Kitties

The Isle of Lesbos 2008 Halloween Prize Hunt started today!!!

This year's hunt is focused on fun. Three squads of Devil Kitties have been sent to the Isle and if you find them they have to give a present to you. Well, not all of them. Some will rudely run away. Simply touch any Devil Cat to see if you get a prize or not.

Ten prize-giving Devil Cats are on the Isle of Lesbos main sim (SLurl) and may occasionally be moved about. Men who wish the prizes from the Isle may contact Uccello Poultry. These are mostly handbags, backpacks, and pets (kinda).

Five Devil cats give Halloween Bear prizes in a haunted maze on the Isle of Lesbos Mall Sim (SLurl) . Just use the teleporter near the Halloween Hunt sign to enter the maze. Your goal is to reach the Southwest corner from the entrance, avoiding monsters and snagging prizes along the way. To really enjoy the maze, change your Environment Settings to Midnight and crank the volume.

This hunt is sponsored by the Security Team at the Isle of Lesbos! Please say 'Hi!' or give a hug when you see any of our girls. Tips are appreciated but your kindness is more important.