Saturday, June 18, 2011

SL8B Freebies Head Start!

Getting a head start on listing the Second Life 8th Birthday freebies since I'm gonna be a Busy Kitty for the run of the event, so here goes:

First, ask any Greeter you see for free gifts :)

Second: I'll be updating this post now and then. Keep checking back.

Then check these places:

Bear Island. Get yer Linden Bears!

An 130-prim animated statue 'grows' from a single prim and if that isn't enough, they have a cool gift.

Look inside the giant Cheeseburger (Hi, Sanura Sakai!)

Anshe Chung Landscape Packs courtesy of Zun Sahara (really, really nice).

Raglan Shire has cute Tiny freebies ... Circus-themed!

Giant Racing Snail! A Second Life classic!

"Rat Trap" game avies

Cute Bears from Eclectic Randomness!

Free stuff from the White Gallery, an awesome place to visit even w/o freebies.

Free Dolphin Rides! (okay, not a "gift" per se, except it is the gift of fun!

More free Fun with Pod Tours ... ride around and see everything in comfort!

Free guitar from Draco Productions.

Bikini & T-shirt plus free surfing!

Ancient Homelands is a Mecca of freebies: Scripts, clothes, textures, & prefabs. Over 70 items.

Sit on the poseball at the door at Through the Looking Glass and travel through the exhibit. At one point you'll come across a freebie box.

Get your Bay City Booster Pack! Thanks, Mari!

"Mellow Yellow" Mermaid Tail & Extras by Strand

The Lucky Tribe is in the housssseeeee! Freebies and more!

MagiMorphosis has several Grendel's Children gifts as you walk around. Gifts change daily!

Kawaii Clothes & a shoulder pet by Zanzo in a really cute, Serenkitty-like setting.

Topsy Turvy is fun to see and has nice freebs.

I'll blog about others when I can get to them. But you can start poking around June 20th at 10AM SLTime. Enjoy the exhibits!!