Wednesday, June 22, 2011

UPDATE 3: SL8B Gifts!

Look! Serenity and her minions have been scouring the Second Life Birthday sims while I've been working at the SL8B Main Stage, listening to some great acts! Here's what they've found, followed by older entries. Click the SLurls to be hurtled there in an eyeblink. While you are "shopping," be sure to spend some time enjoying the exhibits. These folks have worked long and hard to entertain and inform you!

LnL Square (Gothic Cathedral) - 2 free Gothic outfits for men and women -

Cult of the Flying Pig: Priestly Robes -

Globe artwork:

Portals to Unlimited Imagination: Leaf umbrella and an antique potty: (two boxes on opposite sides)

The Art of Printing in Second Life: Books and a printing-press tophat:

Phoenix Wave: COmplete outfits for men and women - (also many balloons with gifts)

Roleplay Combat Exhbiit: Lotsa freebies! Dumbbell with animation, jumping jacks animation, foods, 6 different combat HUDs including pillow fighting, etc.

If you join the Second Life Marriage Ceremonies Group you can get a gift ring here: Also, free wedding gown and men's tuxedos

Royal Courts of SL exhibit: free male and female courtly wigs. musket, Pruissian ROyal Guard captaina and officer outfits, very ornate courtly gown for the ladies -

Magic Soul of Prims: colourful stars poofer, very pretty effect -

Virtual State Fair exhibit: freebie beekeeper gear! (including a helmet and a bee smoker)

Archeology backpack with magnifying glass, spyglass, etc.

Parsimonious art exhibit: four-armed animated starfish thingy -

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht: set of (unisex) clothing - (click on the red button at the bottom of the pedestal with the clothing display)

The Magic of Glass exhibit: trapeze, glass bowl (SLURL is for higher box, lower box doesn't seem to work) -

Mocap's Magical Gym: Rainbow Dance RIbbons -

Rowanesque, Pixel Magic: ballet outfit and lycra workout outfit -

Portugal exhibit: Portuguese tiles and plates -

IndieSpectrum: Free Radios

Metaworld Broadcasting: magic wand with rainbow poofer -

Unnamed display of Buddha: free kimono -

InteractiveWare - ladies' pumps and colour-change slippers, scripter resource kits -

Security and Privacy Within Second Life: Invisibility Suit, an Invisible Avatar, sculpted blinds

Eridu Society (a.k.a. BlakOpal) - mens and womens body physics bunble, mens and women's outfits

The 1920s Berlin Project: 2 books and 3 1920s Ladies outfits

The Magic of Surprise Piazza - woman's gown, armchairs and fireplace

Lucky Tribe: Mens and Womens Earth, Air, FIre, and Water outfits (previously mentioned) -

Yokohama Marching Band: silver and gold trumpets -

HBM Magazine for Men: men's dogtags, t-shirt, body shape -

Isle of Wyrms/Gianfar Parks: click on egg to get campfire, winecask, kettle, etc. -

Older Posts Follow:

Thanks to Serenity supplying a nice note card, here's an update to my June 18 post about SL8B Freebies! The added material is on top followed by the original post with certain bits now emphasized.

[18:30] Vanity Fair: Okay ... Mainland London has 6 freebie gifts, a nice polo shirt, Big Ben T-shirt, Union Jack tophat, Geoffrey the Giraffe, and 2 different fedoras.

[18:37] Vanity Fair: Apona Anoi has a tresure chest with 7 gifts including men's Hawiian T-shirt and lei and sailboat picture, plus a very funny fall gesture.

[19:00] Vanity Fair: INVISIBLE art exhibit: Japanese bow-style prayer gesture for men and women, in large egg on the second floor

[19:26] Vanity Fair: Reach For The Stars art exhibit: Cube floor lamp, flaming tophat, Harry-Potter type wire-rim glasses with HUD, and a few other silly gifts (top level)

[19:43] Vanity Fair: Love Me Tender: Various romantic gifts (valentines, "I love you" in writing in the sand, etc.):

[19:46] Vanity Fair: Reach Technologies exhibit: multitool -

[19:50] Vanity Fair: Maycreations Biker's Hangout: BLack leather cap (regular and tinies size), plus some nice-looking black biker's boots: (note: cap is in next room over)

[19:55] Vanity Fair: PRIME Furnite/The Whiz hunts: Just about everything is this exhibit is a freebie! Supersize kitty sleeping box, toy train, chairs, mugs all non-modify supersize

[19:57] Vanity Fair: Whitechapel 1888 roleplay exhibit: Union Jack bowler hat -
[19:58] Vanity Fair: (also a commemorative SL8B bowler hat at the same site)

[20:01] Vanity Fair: True Blood TV series teddy bear collection:

[20:06] Vanity Fair: Alcoholics Anonymous exhibit: AA symbol choker, mug of steaming coffee, peace plant, Big Book, etc. -

[20:09] Vanity Fair: NO freebies, but an AMAZING art exhibit by claudia222 Jewel: the Honey Swamp - (he he ... I featured this on my own blog. And the picture frame is free, plus you can ride the "bug" around the sims! - Uccie)

[20:11] Vanity Fair: Horse grooming brushes -

[20:33] Vanity Fair: Matters of Music Media Group: Black Musical Equipment Cases -

[2011/06/20 20:49] Vanity Fair: The Magical Age of Fighting Sail exhibit: click on the pirate standing in front of the bar for a musket, cutlass, eyepatch, scabbard, Victrola radio, and sailor hat :-)
Also, click the barrel next tot he bar for a rapier, pistol and flags. Ahoy!

[21:03] Vanity Fair: LnL Square (Gothic Cathedral) - 2 free Gothic outfits for men and women -
[21:58] Vanity Fair: AArgh guess what there is another gothic outfit on the other side of the church so yes there are two different outfits after all

[21:12] Ami Tamura: free sci-fi droid and mech avatars at Reach Tech Exhibit @ SL8B

Thanks, Vanity and Ami and all the Kittehs! Also, don't forget to see Elspeth at my own exhibit, Lesbos@SL8B, for gifts

------ Original Post with Emphasis Added ---------------------
Getting a head start on listing the Second Life 8th Birthday freebies since I'm gonna be a Busy Kitty for the run of the event, so here goes:

First, ask any Greeter you see for free gifts :)

Second: I'll be updating this post now and then. Keep checking back.

Then check these places:

Bear Island. Get yer Linden Bears!

An 130-prim animated statue 'grows' from a single prim and if that isn't enough, they have a cool gift.

Look inside the giant Cheeseburger (Hi, Sanura Sakai!)

Anshe Chung Landscape Packs courtesy of Zun Sahara (really, really nice).

Raglan Shire has cute Tiny freebies ... Circus-themed!

Giant Racing Snail! A Second Life classic!

"Rat Trap" game avies

Cute Bears from Eclectic Randomness!

Free stuff from the White Gallery, an awesome place to visit even w/o freebies.

Free Dolphin Rides! (okay, not a "gift" per se, except it is the gift of fun!

More free Fun with Pod Tours ... ride around and see everything in comfort!

Free guitar from Draco Productions.

Bikini and T-shirt plus free surfing!

Ancient Homelands is a Mecca of freebies: Scripts, clothes, textures, and prefabs. Over 70 items.

Sit on the poseball at the door at Through the Looking Glass and travel through the exhibit. At one point you'll come across a freebie box.

Get your Bay City Booster Pack! Thanks, Mari!

"Mellow Yellow" Mermaid Tail & Extras by Strand

The Lucky Tribe is in the housssseeeee! Freebies and more!

MagiMorphosis has several Grendel's Children gifts as you walk around. Gifts change daily!

Kawaii Clothes and a shoulder pet by Zanzo in a really cute, Serenkitty-like setting.

Topsy Turvy is fun to see and has nice freebs.

I'll blog about others when I can get to them. But you can start poking around June 20th at 10AM SLTime. Enjoy the exhibits!!